New Car RTO Tax Registration Charges Chandigarh- Road Tax

Known as the first and one of the most planned cities in India, Chandigarh has well- maintained roads. However, to maintain the quality of these roads, the UT Transport Department levies road tax on vehicles plying on the roads in Chandigarh. Road tax is mainly a one-time charge mandated by law to maintain the infrastructure of Indian roadways.

Starting from 11 July 2023, the Chandigarh Transport Department has increased the road tax slab for two-wheelers (up to 8%) and four-wheelers (up to 10%). The revenue generated form of road tax will be used to maintain and develop UT transportation infrastructure.

The Regional Transport Office, or Chandigarh RTOs, administers all vehicle-related activities, including issuing registration certificates (RC), driver’s licenses, renewals, vehicle permits, controlling pollution, and the implementation of road safety practices. One of the key functions of Chandigarh RTO is to assign unique RTO codes to different geographic regions in the Union Territory. There are over 6 RTOs in Chandigarh which helps in maintaining a database of the vehicles in the state.

Continue reading to know more about Chandigarh RTO Rates, Road Tax, and RTO Codes.

Registration ChargesRs. 600 – For all cars
Hypothecation ChargesRs. 1,500 – If the car is purchased on a loan
Number Plate ChargesRs. 230 – 400 – Same for HSRP Number Plate
Parking Fee/State Development ChargesRs. 2,000 – MCD Parking Fees for cars under Rs. 4 Lakh Rs. 4,000 – MCD Parking Fees for cars above Rs. 4 Lakh (Applicable in some States)
Temporary Registration ChargesRs. 1,200 – 1,500 – Temporary Registration for up to 1 month
Road Tax Charges ChandigarhCars under Rs. 20.0 Lakh: 6% (Price before GST + Cess) Cars above Rs. 20.0 Lakh: 8% (Price before GST + Cess) 0% Road Tax for anyone buying a car with a disability or buying a car for an NGO/Social Welfare Group that is registered with the Social Welfare Department
Road Tax Charges PunjabCars under Rs. 20.0 Lakh: 9% (Price before GST + Cess) Cars above Rs. 20.0 Lakh: 11% (Price before GST + Cess)
FasTag ChargesRs. 600 FasTag fees payable on purchase of the vehicle
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