The Indian state of Assam shares its borders with countries like Bhutan and Bangladesh and thus has decent road connectivity. All vehicle owners in the state are obliged to pay road tax after registering their vehicle with the RTO. Road tax is a one-time payment that needs to be paid to the state government. Road Tax in Assam is determined under the provisions of the Assam Motor Vehicle Taxation Schedule. There are different tax rates in Assam for different categories of vehicles. Factors determining the road tax include vehicle weight, age, make, model, seating, and engine capacity.

Assam RTO promotes road safety, controls pollution caused by vehicles, and implements traffic rules and regulations. In addition to that, Assam RTO is also vested in vehicle-related activities such as vehicle registration, issuing driver’s licenses, fitness certificates, permits, road tax collection, and more. There are around 31 RTOs in Assam responsible for taking care of the said functions.

Road TaxCars priced up to ₹15 lakh: 8% of the car’s value
Cars priced between ₹15 lakh and ₹20 lakh: 9% of the car’s value
Cars priced above ₹20 lakh: 10% of the car’s value
Registration Fee₹600 for non-transport vehicles
₹1,000 for transport vehicles
HSRP Number Plates₹500 for a four-wheeler
Other ChargesCost of the registration certificate, the fitness certificate, and the pollution under control certificate (Note: Specific amounts not provided)
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