New Car RTO Tax registration charges in Delhi – Road Tax

Delhi state government imposes road tax on vehicles plying daily on roads to maintain, improve, and build road infrastructure in the national capital. As per the Motor Vehicle Taxation Act 1962, every vehicle owner, who is a resident of Delhi is obliged to pay RTO charges. The road tax charges depend on various parameters (seating capacity of the vehicle, age, vehicle type/category, engine capacity, etc.) and are collected by the Delhi RTO.

The Regional Transport Office (RTO) is the authority responsible for vehicle registration (RC), issuing and renewing driver licensing, and permits, controlling pollution, and implementing road regulations and safety measures in Delhi. There are 14 RTO offices in Delhi, which are controlled by the Transport Commissioner. Each RTO is assigned a unique code that identifies its jurisdiction and location. These RTO codes play a crucial role in vehicle registration, helping streamline administrative processes and ensuring effective governance over the state’s road transportation.

Road Tax in Delhi for Two-Wheelers

CategoryRoad Tax
Up to 50 cc₹650
More than 50 cc₹1,220

Road Tax in Delhi for Four-Wheelers

Vehicle CategoryRoad Tax Applicable
Motorcars under 1,000 kilogramsRs. 3,815
Cars weighing over 1,000 kg but not exceeding 1,500 kgRs. 4,880
Cars weighing over 1,500 kg but under 2,000 kgRs. 7,020
Motorcars with a weight of above 2,000 kgRs. 7,020 + Rs. 4,570 + Rs. 2,000 for each additional 1,000 kg


Laden Weight (Tonnes)Annual Road Tax (in Rs.)
Up to 1665
More than 1 & less than 2940
More than 2 & less than 41,430
More than 4 & less than 61,915
More than 6 & less than 82,375
More than 8 & less than 102,835
More than 10 & less than 123,300
More than 12 & less than 143,765
More than 14 & less than 164,230
More than 16 & less than 184,695
More than 18 & less than 205,160

Goods Vehicles:

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Loading CapacityRoad Tax (Rs./year)
Less than 1 Tonne665.00
More than 1 Tonne & less than 2 Tonne940.00
More than 2 Tonne & less than 4 Tonne1,430.00
More than 4 Tonne & less than 6 Tonne1,915.00
More than 6 Tonne & less than 8 Tonne2,375.00
More than 8 Tonne & less than 9 Tonne2,865.00
More than 9 Tonne & less than 10 Tonne3,320.00
More than 10 Tonne & above3,790.00 + Rs.470/- per Tonne


Trailer WeightRoad Tax (Rs./year)
Additional of 10 Tonne + less than 2 Tonne of trailer3,790.00 + Rs.470/- per Tonne + Rs.465/-
Additional of 10 Tonne + more than 2 Tonne of trailers3,790.00 + Rs.470/- per Tonne + Rs.925/-


Vehicle TypeRoad Tax (Rs./year)
Auto RickshawRs. 305/- per annum
TaxiesRs. 605/- per annum


Type of Passenger VehiclesAmount (Rs./year)
Not more than 2 excluding driver305.00
More than 2 & up to 4 excl. Driver & Conductor605.00
More than 4 & up to 6 excl. Driver & Conductor1,130.00
More than 6 & up to 18 excl. Driver & Conductor1,915.00
More than 18 & above excl. Driver & Conductor1,915.00 + Rs. 280/- per passenger

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