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How to Deactivate IDFC Fastag ?

There are two steps by which user can deactivate their IDFC FASTag account:

  1. Contacting Customer Support through Toll-Free Phone Number
  2. Through IDFC bank FASTag Portal
  3. By Writing an email to support from the registered email address

Let’s have a look at Each step in Detail:

Contacting Customer Support through Toll-Free Phone Number

Fastag customers can reach the IDFC First Bank customer service team by calling this toll-free number 18002669970. The support team will provide complete guidance on how to deactivate your Fastag by calling this number. You will receive all information regarding deactivating your IDFC First Bank Fastag. It will be deactivated within a few hours. Call the above number to cancel or block your IDFC First Bank Fastag.

Through IDFC Bank FASTag Portal

It is easy to deactivate the IDFC First Bank Fastag online by visiting the official FASTag handle of IDFC First Bank. These are the steps to deactivate your IDFC First Bank Fastag Online:

  • Go to the Official Handle of IDFC Bank FASTag website.
  • Enter your login details, such as Username, id, and password Once you have entered your login details, you can log in to the Fastag portal at IDFC First Bank.
  • You will see a menu named  “Select Request Type as Closure Request to close the RIFD Tag or Wallet.” 
  • Click on the Closure Request button to submit your Fastag deactivation request with IDFC First Bank. Your Fastag will then be deactivated and surrendered to the bank.

By Writing an Email to Support From the Registered Email Address

If you want to cancel your IDFC FASTag, then you will need to send an email from your registered GMAIL and write it to and follow the below-given format:


After that describe all the details related to your FASTag and your application will be processed shortly after receiving the email from bank officials.

IDFC Fastag Blacklisted – Maintain Minimum Balance

You might find yourself crossing the toll plaza thinking your FASTag card would work. But, surprise! Your IDFC FASTag has been blacklisted once you get to the toll booth. Insufficient balance on your account is one of the reasons you might be blacklisted by FASTag. You might not realize that your FASTag is connected to your payment wallets. This is one of the reasons FASTag was blacklisted.

To keep in check for blacklisted tags you need to maintain a minimum balance in your IDFC FASTag account. The minimum balance to be maintained in IDF C bank FASTag varies according to the vehicle class. Keep the balance according to your vehicle class and enjoy your rides across the highways without any distractions.

Indian roads and especially highways have become really good in the last few years. The infrastructure of the roads has been improved to a great extent which provides uninterrupted traffic flows without any jams on the roads. If you are a frequent traveler, you might not face any problems on these roads and can have a smooth journey, but still, there were some things which were not under our control and usually, you would hate during your journeys. One of such problems travelers face was long queues at toll plazas across the highway, which would waste a lot of time waiting for your turn. But now the government has introduced FASTag for vehicles which has been made mandatory for four-wheelers from December 2019. More than 600+ toll plazas across the country are equipped with FASTag. Let us get to know about what is FASTag, the benefits of FASTag, how to get FASTag for your vehicles, and when is your FASTag blacklisted.

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What is FASTag?

The government of India with the help of the National Payments Corporation of India has developed the NETC program which refers to National Electronic Toll Collection. This program allows the collection of toll tax without any human intervention. This program is also known as FASTag which helps to reduce the rush at toll plazas across the. The FASTag is a device that uses RFID technology that is Radio Frequency Identification which will deduct the toll charges automatically when the vehicle will pass through FASTag lane of the toll plaza. The FASTag sticker is applied on the front windscreen of the four wheelers and when they will pass through the toll, money will be auto-debited from the FASTag account linked with the vehicle.

Things to know about FASTag

Though FASTag is an easy and convenient method to pay your toll tax without any human intervention, still there are some points about the technology which are necessary to know before you move your vehicle on highways:

  • FASTag can be used at any toll plaza across the country irrespective of the fact that whosoever is the acquirer of the toll plaza.
  • FASTag is affixed on the front windscreen of the four-wheeler.
  • If you own more than one four-wheeler, you will have to have a separate FASTag for both vehicles. You cannot use the same FASTag for multiple vehicles.
  • Once you have purchased a FASTag for a vehicle, it will be valid for 5 years. You can recharge the FASTag as per the requirement after the initial buying of the FASTag.
  • FASTag can be recharged online through net banking, UPI, debit cards, credit cards, and Paytm. The minimum amount to recharge FASTag is Rs100 and the maximum amount is Rs 1,00,000.
  • You should always buy FASTag from trusted banking partners only.
  • You should never buy a FASTag from a company that asks to link your bank account. You should always use prepaid service for the FASTag.

What are the benefits of using FASTag?

The FASTag has many advantages for wheeler owners. The benefits of FASTag are listed below:

Cashless Payments

One of the best advantages of making FASTag compulsory is the tension of having an exact change at toll plazas. The transaction will be cashless and money will be automatically debited from your FASTag wallets.

Mobile Alerts through SMS

Whenever you will pass through any toll plaza, you will receive sms alerts on your registered mobile numbers when money will be deducted from FASTag. You will also receive alerts for low balances in your FASTag wallet.

Online Recharge

This is one of the best advantages of having FASTag. You can recharge it anytime using debit cards, net banking, and UPI.

Faster Moving on Highway

Thus it also reduces the traveling time from one place to another as it will reduce human intervention saving your precious time. 

Cashback Offers

To promote, the FASTag government is providing very good cashback offers for the users. Currently, they are providing 2.5% cashback for every transaction through the FASTag wallet.

How to buy FASTags?

FASTags can be bought from various sources. Many nationalized and private banks are providing the facility to create a FASTag account. Moreover, some of the payment wallets such as Paytm are also issuing the FASTag for four-wheelers. You can also buy FASTag at toll plazas, where they have a Point of sale (POS) which will help in getting FASTag.

Here is the list of banks that are providing FASTag accounts:

List of Banks Providing FASTags Account

Bank Customer Care Helpline
Tag issuance charge
Airtel Payments Bank 400 Rs. 100
EQUITAS SMALL FINANCE BANK 1800 103 1222 Rs. 100
IDFC FIRST Bank 1800-266-9970 ₹200 including service tax
PAYTM Payments Bank 1800-102-6480 Rs. 100
State Bank of India 1800-11-0018 Rs. 100
Axis Bank Ltd 1800-419-8585 Rs. 200 + service tax
Federal Bank 1800-266-9520 Rs. 100
Indusind Bank 1860 -500- 5004 Rs.200
Punjab and Maharashtra Co-op Bank 1800-223-993 Rs. 200
Syndicate Bank 1800-425-0585 Rs. 200
Bank of Baroda 1800-103-4568 Rs. 84.74 + GST
FINO Payments Bank 1860-266-3466 Rs.100 + GST
Karur Vysya Bank 1800-102-1916 Rs.100
Punjab National Bank 080-67295310 Rs.100
Union Bank of India 1800- 22- 22 44 Rs.100
Canara Bank
Rs. 200
HDFC Bank 1800-120-1243 Rs. 200
Kotak Mahindra Bank 1800-300-69090 Rs. 100
Saraswat Co-operative Bank 1800-266-9545 Rs.100
Yes Bank Ltd 1800 -1200 Rs.100
City Union Bank Ltd 1800-258-7200 Rs. 200
ICICI Bank 1800-2100-104 Rs. 99.12
Nagapur Nagarik Sahakari Bank 1800 -266- 7183 Rs 100
South Indian Bank 1800-425-1809 Rs 100

A person can also buy the FASTag from the automobile company from where he is going to buy his four-wheeler and they will install the FASTag on their new vehicles.

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Documents Required for the Application of FASTag

Whenever you are going to buy a FASTag account, you will require some documents along with their photostat copy. Here is the list of the documents you will need when buying a FASTag for your vehicle:

  1. RC of the vehicle for which you are going to have FASTag.
  2. The user will also require to submit a passport-size photograph of the vehicle owner.
  3. You will need a document for KYC which is any one of these – driving’s license, adhar card, Pan Card, Voter Id, and Passport.

How FASTag Works?

Here are the steps where we will learn how does FASTag transaction work when it is initiated at a toll plaza through an RFID reader:

  • A vehicle will pass through FASTag lane where RFID device will capture FASTag details which include ID of the tag, the Class of the vehicle, and TID which is sent to the bank for processing.
  • The bank will further initiate a request to NETC Mapper which will validate the tag details.
  • After the Tag ID is validated by NETC, the mapper will send details which are vehicle class, tag status, and VRN. If the mapper is unable to locate Tag, it will return a response that a particular TAG ID is not registered.
  • Thus the bank will calculate the toll fare and a debit request is initiated towards NETC.
  • After that The NETC will forward the request to the bank which has issued FASTag to debit from FASTag account of the user.
  • Now the money will be deducted by the host and the user will receive an SMS alert. The host will also send the message to NETC.

This is how FASTag will deduct the money from your account and you can travel hassle-free.

FASTag Blacklisted

If you pass through any toll plaza and your FASTag wallet is out of money, your FASTag wallet is usually blacklisted for 48 hours if you use the FASTag lane for crossing the toll gate. Your FASTag account will only be reactivated with the intervention of NHAI helpdesk in case you are traveling. You can also call on NHAI customer helpline number which is 1033 for reactivating the card.

Usually when a person buys a FASTag Rs 200 is added as a security deposit which can be used during emergencies. If in case you have exhausted your main FASTag wallet account, the amount can be deducted from the security deposit. And again when you will recharge your wallet, firstly money will get added as a security deposit which you have used and the rest of the amount will get deposited in your main FASTag wallet.

How to Use FASTag?

Now we are aware of FASTag, we will see how the FASTag works when a vehicle enters toll plaza:

  1. First of all, when your vehicle enters FASTag lane, the RFID reader on the lane will auto-detect your FASTag and deduct the amount from your FASTag wallet.
  2. You will get a confirmation receipt in your email and also an alert message on your phone linked with the tag.
  3. Once the money is deducted from your tag you will get a green signal and you can successfully pass through the plaza without any hassle.

FASTag Common Problems

Everything has its pros and cons. Pros are already explained and now we will see what difficulties one can face while using FASTag.

Sometimes when you will pass your vehicle through the FASTag lane, the RFID reader might not detect the FASTag of your vehicle.  You might need to move your vehicle a little backward and forward and you must also ensure that FASTag is correctly placed on your vehicle so that it’s easily detectable.

If your FASTag is still not detected then a man at the toll plaza will come with a handheld RFID reader to detect your tag. There are some disadvantages of these hand-held devices:

  • They are faulty at some times.
  • They need to be charged after 5-6 hours.

Some companies are deducting the FASTag charges if you are not using in the name of FASTag event. So don’t buy FASTag from such companies. As FASTag is a prepaid wallet you don’t need to link your bank account with FASTag.

How to Apply for IDFC Bank FASTag online?

IDFC Bank has been approved by NHAI to issue FASTags to the people. The FASTag issued by the bank is available only for the cars if you are applying online and if you want to apply for other vehicles, you need to visit the branches of the bank. You need to go through the following steps to apply for IDFC Bank FASTag.

  • Visit IDFC FIRST Bank FASTag link to apply online.
  • Fill out the form on the screen in which you need to fill in your name, email, phone number, address city, and vehicle registration number.
  • Then you will see the “Make Payment” button at the bottom of the page and complete the payment with your preferred method of payment.
  • After the payment is completed, you need to email the RC of your four-wheeler to
  • Then you will receive some application form along with the list of the KYC documents to be submitted by email to
  • After the successful completion of documents, you will receive the tag at your address which will take 5 days to deliver.
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How to Apply for IDFC Bank FASTag Online with UPI Payments?

IDFC Bank has made it easier for the user to apply the FASTag for Electronic Toll Collection with the help of the Unified Payments Interface which is also known as UPI. Here are the steps to apply for the IDFC Bank FASTag with the help of UPI:
Visit the  UPI FASTag apply link of the IDFC Bank

  • Fill out the FASTag form as shown on the page.
  • After filling the necessary details make the payment at UPI handle of IDFC bank which is : fastagonline@idfcbank.
  • When the payment is complete you need to send your RC of the vehicle at
  • Make the Vehicle registration number of your vehicle as the subject of the email to be sent.

How to Apply for IDFC Bank FASTag Offline?

You can also apply for the bank’s FASTag by visiting the branches of the bank or the point of sale locations located at the toll plazas. You will need to take your four-wheeler along with all the KYC documents to the bank and submit the IDFC bank FASTag form to the bank to get your IDFC Bank FASTag registered and activated.

What are the IDFC Bank FASTag Charges?

IDFC Bank charges Rs 100 as tag issuance fees for all the classes of vehicles. The tag replacement fee is also Rs 100. They also charge tag deposit fees which amount to the security deposit and a threshold amount for the fastag issued which is necessary for the activation of your tag. The charges tag deposit and threshold amount varies with the class of the vehicles for which you have applied for FAStag. Rest of the IDFC Bank FASTag charges can be seen in the table given below:
Tag Issuance Fees IDFC Bank FASTag

Tag Joining Fee100 including all applicable taxes
Tag Replacement Fee100 including all applicable taxes

IDFC Bank FASTag Charges

Vehicle ClassDescriptionTag Deposit (INR)Threshold Amount (INR)
1Car / Jeep / Van / TATA Ace and similar mini light commercial vehicle200100
2Light Commercial Vehicle500150
33-axle Commercial Vehicle500400
4Bus / Truck500400
54 to 6-axle500400
67 or more axle500400
7Heavy Construction Machinery/Earth Moving Equipments500400

How to Recharge Your IDFC Bank FASTag?

IDFC Bank FASTag has a validity of 5 years and you can recharge it any time once your balance gets low to avoid any inconvenience during your road trips on the highways. The IDFC first Bank FASTag recharge can be made through various payment methods such as debit, credit card, net banking and UPI.

You can do IDFC bank FASTag recharge online by going to toll idfc bank login and login to idfc bank fastag customer portal. Follow the steps to recharge online through their customer portal:

  • Visit the official web portal of IDFC Bank FASTag.
  • Go to “Retail and Corporate Customers” to login.
  • Enter your User ID, Password and then fill in the captcha and get logged in your account.
  • Select the payment mode and enter the amount to be recharged.
  • Click on “Make Payment” and complete the payment  by entering your banking credentials.
  • Your IDFC FIRST Bank FASTag is recharged.

How can I access IDFC Bank FASTag Portal?

IDFC First bank FASTag Portal can be accessed by visiting the fastag portal of IDFC Bank.  Follow the steps to check your account and do transactions:

  • Go to etoll idfc bank login by clicking here.
  • Enter your user id and password and also captcha and click on sign in.
  • You will be logged in your IDFC Bank FASTag customer portal. 
  • You can view your profile and make any changes.
  • You can get your all account statements and the transaction history of your all tag accounts. You can view charges deducted for your tags at toll plazas.
  • You can also recharge your IDFC Bank FASTag.
  • If you are facing any difficulty in the operation of your tag, or somehow your FASTag is not detected at plazas, you can raise a service request where your problems will get resolved within the speculated time.

How can I contact IDFC Bank FASTag Customer Care?

IDFC Bank FASTag have provided their users with a number to so that they can contact them if they face any problem regarding FASTag. You can call IDFC FASTag helpline to resolve your query or if you have not received your FASTAg after applying. You can view the IDFC Bank FASTAg customer care number below:

IDFC First Bank FASTag customer care

1800 266 9970

You can also call on IDFC FASTAg helpline if you want to apply for a new IDFC Bank FASTag and get all the information on the call.

IDFC First Bank FASTag customer care

  • How to change Fastag’s mobile number?

    No, we cannot change the Fastag mobile number. As the e-mail id and mobile number are registered at the time when the customer is making their Fastag for the first time. However, if the customer wants to change the vehicle registration number (VRN)then they can share their vehicle RC scans.

  • How to change a Fastag account from one bank to another

    It is an easy process to change a FASTag account from one bank to another, you just need to follow the below mentioned steps: 1. If the customer’s Fastag is linked with the Paytm wallet, which is in turn connected with another bank, then he/she can change the bank account and recharge the wallet from the new bank account. 2. However, in case if the customer’s Fastag is linked with the Paytm bank account, then by changing the bank, he/she also needs to cancel the Paytm linked Fastag as well.

  • What to do with Fastag when selling a car?

    If you have sold/transfer your car, you are requested to inform your issuing source or bank and close the account as soon as possible.

How To Recharge IDFC First Bank Fastag Through PhonePe App

  • Login to your PhonePe app on your Mobile
  • You will Recharge section at the top.
  • Select the Fastag Recharge option on 2nd number
  • You will see almost all Fastag operators in the list.
  • Select your ban operator from the list
  • Next: It will ask for your Vehicle number so enter your vehicle number
  • Add your Fastga to your PhonePe account.
  • Enter the recharge amount and proceed with the payment
  • Complete the payment.

How to Recharge IDFC First Bank Fastag Through Google pay App

  • Open your Google Pay application.
  • From the bottom of your screen, swipe up to find the Fastag.
  • Click on FASTag Icon and then Make payment.
  • Choose the FASTag account that you want to send money to.
  • Enter the Recharge amount.
  • To confirm, tap the Tick mark.
  • Complete the payment.

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