Apply Electric Vehicle Subsidy Policy in Uttar Pradesh

Home to India’s largest population, Uttar Pradesh has one of the fastest-growing economies in the country. Now, the UP state government aspires to shift to a clean transportation system (adoption of EVs) to reduce carbon emissions. The EV subsidy policy in the state aims to encourage the endorsement of sustainable and clean mobility solutions. So that Uttar Pradesh can become one of India’s leading states for adopting electric vehicles.

The Uttar Pradesh government has launched an EV subsidy policy to encourage the use of electric vehicles in the state. The initiative is part of UP Electric Vehicle Manufacturing and Mobility Policy 2022. The program allows customers who bought e-vehicles after October 14, 2022, to claim subsidy benefits. The scheme is only valid till October 13, 2023.

Keep reading to have a comprehensive look at the EV Subsidy Policy in Uttar Pradesh.

Features of EV Subsidy Policy in Uttar Pradesh

  • Uttar Pradesh EV Subsidy scheme is a one-time incentive that shall be provided to buyers.
  • The scheme is only valid for one year (i.e. from October 14, 2022, till October 13, 2023).
  • Subsidy incentives will be payable to buyers on the purchase of any single vehicle across the vehicle category.
  • The subsidy benefit will also be payable to fleet operators in which a unit can avail of incentive for a maximum of 10 vehicles.
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EV Subsidy Benefit in Uttar Pradesh

The EV Subsidy scheme will be provided on the early bird method. The rate of subsidy is as follows.

  • For the purchase of EVs without batteries, the subsidy provided will be 50% of the total subsidy.
  • For electric two-wheelers, the subsidy amount will be Rs. 5000 per vehicle. The incentive is only provided on the purchase of the first two lakh e-bikes.
  • For four-wheeler EVs, the maximum subsidy provided will be Rs. 1 lakh per vehicle.
  • The benefit will only be available on the purchase of the first 25000 EVs.
  • On the purchase of the first 1000 e-goods carriers, a subsidy benefit of Rs. 1 lakh will be given.
  • A subsidy incentive of Rs. 20 lakh per vehicle will be available on the purchase of the first 400 non-government e-buses.

How to Apply for EV Subsidy in Uttar Pradesh?

The UP government has launched a subsidy portal through which an EV owner can apply for the scheme incentive. Follow the given steps to initiate the EV subsidy claim process in the state.

  • The applicant can visit the official portal at and register by providing the vehicle registration number, chassis number, and mobile number.
  • Post-registration the prospect will be provided with login credentials (such as username or login ID and password).
  • After logging in, click on the ‘Apply Online’ tab.
  • Fill out the application form by entering your vehicle registration number, bank details, and other relevant details.
  • Next, the applicant must upload a photograph and signature. It is important to use the exact photograph and signature that were uploaded during vehicle registration through the dealer.   
  • The applicant is also required to furnish a passbook or canceled cheque that must be in the buyer’s name.
  • Crosscheck all the information provided from your end and then submit the application form. Providing incorrect information may lead to the rejection of the EV purchase subsidy.
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Once the application is submitted on the portal, a four-step verification process will take place. It will begin with dealer verification, followed by registration and departmental verification. The final confirmation will be carried out by the Transport Inspector. After successful verification, the banking partner will transfer the subsidy amount to the customer’s bank account within 3 working days.

Documents Required for EV Subsidy Application in Uttar Pradesh

  • Passport-size photograph submitted to the dealer during the registration of the vehicle.
  • A copy of the buyer’s signature.
  • Identify proof, such as the buyer’s Aadhar card or a copy of the GST certificate / PAN Card, in the case of non-individual purchases.
  • Copy of Vehicle Registration Certificate (RC).
  • Copy of the Cancelled Cheque or Passbook where the buyer’s name and account details are mentioned.

How to Check the Status of EV Subsidy in Uttar Pradesh?

Follow the given steps to track the status of your electric vehicle subsidy claim in Uttar Pradesh.

  • Visit the EV subsidy portal Uttar Pradesh at
  • On the dashboard, click on the Application Status tab.
  • Following this, a new screen will appear where you have to enter your vehicle number and the last five digits of the chassis number.
  • Click on the get application status button to have the information regarding your EV subsidy claim.

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