The road journey from Delhi to Mumbai passes through five Indian states giving you a taste
of the rich culture of Gujarat and the regal cities of Rajasthan. If you want to experience the
best of both cities and others in between, it is better to take a road trip. Delhi-to-Mumbai
Routes cover a total distance of 1365 km via NH48 with a driving time of approximately 24

One can plan a detailed itinerary and take multiple stops in between to visit popular
attractions and try the local cuisine of various cities. NH 48 is the most popular route to
take the road trip and is in excellent condition. There is a total 16 number of Toll
Gates/Plaza between Delhi to Mumbai and the total toll cost will be Rs 1295.

Route SummaryDelhi to Mumbai
No. of Toll Gates on route16
Total Distance in Km1417
Driving Time1 day 1 hour
Total Toll CostRs 1245

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