A road trip from Delhi to Manali is like no other. With breathtaking views of the Greater
With Himalayas, pine-laden hills, and rustic landscape, the journey from Delhi to Manali will be
worth remembering. Manali can be visited throughout the year depending on your travel
goals, whether you want to experience the snowfall or beat the scorching summer heat.
However, it is best to avoid visiting Manali during the rainy season as it causes roadblocks
and landslides. 

The distance between Delhi to Manali is 537.7 km via NH 44. The national highway usually
is in good condition. It takes around 12 hours to cover the distance, depending on the
weather conditions and traffic. There is a total 5 number of Toll Plaza between Delhi and
Manali, and the total toll cost will be Rs 375.

Route SummaryDelhi to Manali Himachal
No. of Toll Gates on route536
Total Distance in Km343
Driving Time12 hours 26
Total Toll Cost320

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