Mathura is one of the oldest cities known to mankind, often referred to as the birthplace of
Lord Krishna. The road trip from Delhi to Mathura is nothing less than an adventure. The
the road from the capital city to Mathura passes through many small towns of Uttar Pradesh,
such as Noida, Faridabad, Hodal, etc. before entering the holy city of Mathura.

The road journey from Delhi to Mathura covers a total distance of 151.6 km via the Western Peripheral
Expressway and NH 19/NH 44 with a driving time of approximately 2.5 hrs. There are 2
Toll Gates on this route will cost around Rs. 240.

One can also travel from Delhi to Mathura via the Yamuna Expressway, which is the fastest
route and one of the best highways in the country.

Route SummaryDelhi to Mathura
No. of Toll Gates on route2
Total Distance in Km183
Driving Time3 hours 10 mins
Total Toll CostRs 24

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