The distance from Delhi to Khatu-Shyam is best-suitable for a road trip. You can drive at
your pace and halt at convenience to stretch your legs and try eateries. Plan a road trip
with either your friends or family, roll down the window, and enjoy the beautiful scenery
while driving from Delhi to Khatu Shyam ji temple.

Delhi to Khatu Shyam Ji Temple Routes covers a total distance of 233.7 via NH48 km with a
driving time of 5 hours. There are 2 Toll Gates (Shahjahanpur toll, Rajasthan, and Kherki
daula toll, Delhi) on this route, with a total cost of Rs. 220. The road between Delhi and
Khatu Shyam Ji Temple is in quite a good condition, which makes it perfect for a road trip.

Route SummaryDelhi to Khatu Shyam ji
No. of Toll Gates on route3
Total Distance in Km288
Driving Time 5 hours 17 mins
Total Toll CostRs 275

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