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A great initiative has been taken by the Ministry of Road Transport and the Highways government by introducing the ‘FASTag monthly pass’. This has been initiated by the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI), and decided to provide FASTag to the monthly pass holders. It was being introduced to promote cashless payment at several toll plazas. NHAI has also announced the free FASTag monthly pass for the vehicles owned by “divyangjan”(people with disabilities).

This was initially a key project in the Golden Quadrilateral between Ahmedabad and Mumbai in 2014. There has been a great advancement in the FASTag acceptance fields. As of 2016, there have been around 347 toll plazas on national highways that have started accepting FASTag payments. FASTag monthly pass works on RFID technology and helps in making toll payments through pre-paid accounts linked to it directly.

It has been made necessary by the government for all vehicles to access the FASTag monthly pass, it is basically to control the traffic and make people aware of the cashless transaction.

What are the benefits of using FASTag?

The FASTag has many advantages for the wheeler owners. The benefits of FASTag are listed below:

Cashless Payments

One of the best advantages of making FASTag compulsory is the tension of having an exact change at toll plazas. The transaction will be cashless and money will be automatically debited from your FASTag wallets.

Mobile Alerts through SMS

Whenever you pass through any toll plaza, you will receive SMS alerts on your registered mobile numbers when money will be deducted from FASTag. You will also receive alerts for low balances in your FASTag wallet.

Online Recharge

This is one of the best advantages of having FASTag. You can recharge it anytime using debit cards, net banking, and UPI.

Faster Moving on Highway

Thus it also reduces the travelling time from one place to another as it will reduce human intervention saving your precious time.

Cashback Offers

To promote FASTag government is providing very good cashback offers for the users. Currently, they are providing 2.5% cashback for every transaction through the FASTag wallet.

FASTag Monthly Pass Issuing Banks and Their Helpline Numbers

Customers can simply dial 1033 for any FASTag-related queries.

Bank/CompanyMonthly Recharge Amount (Approximate)Customer Helpline Number
State Bank of India (SBI)Varies1800 11 0018
ICICI BankVaries1800 210 0104
HDFC BankVaries1800 120 1243
Axis BankVaries1800 419 8585
Kotak Mahindra BankVaries1800 419 6606
IDFC BankVaries1800 266 9970
IndusInd BankVaries1860 500 5004
Punjab National Bank (PNB)Varies1800 419 4050
Bank of Baroda (BOB)Varies1800 103 4568
Union Bank of IndiaVaries1800 222 2442
Canara BankVaries1800 425 0018
Yes BankVaries1800 1200
Federal BankVaries1800 266 9520
Karur Vysya BankVaries1800 102 1916
Paytm Payments BankVaries1800 102 6480
Airtel Payments BankVaries400
PhonePeVaries0124 6789 345
Google Pay (GPay)VariesN/A
Amazon PayVaries1800 3000 1800
Ola MoneyVaries080 6735 0900
Central Bank of IndiaVaries1800 22 1911
City Union BankVaries044 7122 5000
Equitas Small Finance BankVaries1800 103 1222
South Indian BankVaries1800 425 1809
Syndicate BankVaries1800 3011 3333
Karnataka BankVaries1800 425 1444
Lakshmi Vilas BankVaries1800 425 2233
Saraswat BankVaries1800 266 9545
Fino Payments BankVaries1860 266 3466
IDBI BankVaries1800 209 4324
RBL BankVaries1800 123 9050
Standard Chartered BankVaries1800 345 1000
UCO BankVaries1800 274 0123
Allahabad BankVaries1800 258 6680
Bank of MaharashtraVaries1800 233 4526
Punjab & Sind Bank  
Vijaya BankVaries 
AU Small Finance BankVaries 
Dhanlaxmi BankVaries 
Jio Payments BankVaries 
ESAF Small Finance BankVaries 
Suryoday Small Finance BankVaries 
Bandhan BankVaries 

NHAI Government and FASTag Monthly Pass

It has been decided by the NHAI Government that user fees at all the toll plazas across the country will only be collected using the FASTag monthly pass, also it has been updated that 70% of the vehicle users have already purchased FASTag monthly pass stickers from either bank or through the point of sales opened in the toll plazas.

  • The NHAI ministry has updated a detailed standard operating procedure for 100% implementation of the FASTag monthly pass from 1st January 2021.
  • To avoid any sort of inconvenience to travelers the NHAI ministry has also decided that the vehicles without FASTag monthly passes can get it at all the toll plazas and it also wanted to provide high-performing electronic toll collection.

How to Buy NHAI FASTag Monthly Pass From NHAI Website?

To buy a Monthly Fastag Pass on the NHAI website, existing Fastag users can follow these steps:

  • Visit the NHAI portal : https://ihmcl.co.in/fastag-user/
  • Go to the “Buy Monthly FASTag Pass” Button.
  • Select the name of the toll plaza
  • Enter the captcha.
  • Enter either your FASTag ID or Vehicle Registration Number.
  • Choose the pass type/ pass scheme.
  • Proceed to Pay.
  • download the receipt.

The condition required for a monthly Trip Pass

  • 60 single trips to be allowed from the 1st of the month to the last day of the same month.
  • Entry and exit in the same plaza are considered two trips.
  • The recharge can be done at any date but the validity of sixty trips will only be till the last date of the same month.

Mode of Payment for FASTag Monthly Pass

  • Cash
  • Smart Card
  • RFID Electronic Toll Collection/Fastag
  • Credit Card/Debit Card
  • E-Payment/ Mobile Wallet

Type of Toll Collection

This method generally involves commuters and deals in hard cash and it is relatively a slow method and a waste of time.

Automatic Toll Collection

The payment is usually done using cards coins or currency notes and in this automation of toll gates and barriers are used.

Electronic Toll Collection

It uses RFID tags to automatically deduct the toll from users’ FASTag accounts. According to this method the candidates need to fix the FASTag on the windscreen of the vehicle, also this method is very effective for the collection of tolls.

How to apply for FASTag Monthly Pass online

This monthly pass is usually for those vehicles that are passing through the toll plaza regularly and those can avail of the monthly pass online by applying online and following the procedure: The interested candidates can apply for the FASTag monthly pass by visiting the official website given below.

  • Firstly click on the FASTag monthly pass that comes on the right side of the page
  • Then you will be directed to the new web page where you have to select the toll plaza name, then enter the CAPTCHA.
  • Then the candidate needs to enter their tag ID on the acquiring bank page visible on the screen.
  • After this, the details get checked and validation takes place. If validation is successful then the customer will be directed to another page.
  • Now the candidate needs to opt for the monthly pass scheme of plazas available on the screen.
  • After all the detailed information, the customer has to select the payment mode.
  • For the completion of the process, the customer can view the acquirer payment gateway page
  • Now the customer will get his/her monthly pass receipt on the bank page.
  • The customer can even print or download the given receipt for further reference.
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Documents required to apply for FASTag monthly pass

All the required documents to apply for the FASTag monthly pass should be in the name of the owner of the vehicle.

The following documents are required:

  • Passport-size photo of the vehicle owner
  • Driving license
  • PAN card
  • Vehicle registration certificate

After this, an application form will be provided which needs to be filled out and submitted.

Procedure to Activate the FASTag monthly pass

There is a provision for both activations as well as deactivation of the monthly pass by the customer. The following procedure needs to be followed to do the same.

  • Firstly the customer needs to log in to the FASTag issuance bank web portal and select the view tag account summary.
  • Certain details are required to be filled up by the customer related to Pass type and concessionaire.
  • After giving the details, now you have to enter your toll plaza name where you travel regularly. Now the customer has to select the active date from which the Fastag monthly pass must get activated.
  • Now the candidate needs to select the active pass option and select the submit button.

Procedure to recharge the FAStag monthly pass

  • The candidate who already has the FASTag monthly pass can recharge through cheque, debit, credit card, net banking, etc. And go through the official website http://nhai.gov.in/
  • The payment can be done through either of the FASTag banks, which might have been selected by the customers previously.
  • Then the customer has to log in to the FAStag bank portal with all the details and credentials
  • Now the customer has to select the FASTag monthly pass link to check the transactions.
  • After going through the steps, the FASTag pass will get recharged or renewed from the preferred dates provided by the customer.

IHMCL FASTag KYC Update online

  • Visit the IHMCL FASTag portal.
  • Then, simply log in with the mobile number.
  • Click on “My Profile”.
  • Check the KYC status. Now, click on the “KYC” tab and select “Customer Type”.
  • Now, add the mandatory fields with the ID along with the address proof documents.

Fastag Faq’s

What do I do if there is an incorrect deduction of toll charges in NHAI FASTag?

We request you kindly contact the issuing bank’s customer service desk to report the incorrect deduction issue. They will review your complaint and based on its merit, raise a chargeback for the excess.

My NHAI FASTag delivery is delayed. I have reported it but no response. What should I do?

We would request you kindly contact you’re issuing bank’s customer service desk to raise a complaint regarding the delayed delivery of FASTag.

Is the NHAI FASTag app available on iOS?

Currently, it’s available on Android and will be available on iOS soon.

Can I use/install NHAI Fastag on my MacBook?

At the moment it is available on Android, it will be available on IOS soon. Then it will be easier for iPhone and MacBook users.

What if the NHAI FASTag lane is not working?

You can pay through other means of payment and lodge a complaint at the 1033 call center.

How should I paste the NHAI FASTag sticker?

Ensure the windshield glass is clean and dry from the inside before applying the Fastag sticker.

Can I paste the NHAI FASTag sticker anywhere in the car?

No, it is defined so that their scanner can scan easily on the toll plaza

What if my car has UV Protection film?

If your windshield has a UV Protection film on the inside, you need to remove the film from the area where you plan to stick the Fastag. The Fastag sticker must be installed directly on the glass. UV protection films have a layer of metallic oxides on them which prevents the RFID reader at the toll booth from reading your vehicle’s Fastag.

Will the chip of NHAI FASTag get damaged when I paste it?

While sticking the Fastag to your windshield, do not press hard, or else you might damage the chip within. Once stuck, do not peel off the Fastag and try to move elsewhere. This too will damage the chip.

What is the distance I should keep in the NHAI toll booth?

While approaching the toll booth do not get close to the vehicle in front of you. Maintain a gap of at least 10 feet. Wait till the vehicle in front of you goes past the toll gate barrier, and the barrier arm is lowered before bringing your vehicle within the sensing range of the overhead tag reader.
Drive towards the toll booth window slowly. Sometimes, if the tag reader fails to read your Fastag in the first attempt, it becomes necessary to move your vehicle forward or backward. For this reason, the vehicle behind you must not be too close to yours.

Is there an NHAI toll exemption for Defence personnel?

Toll exemption for Defence personnel only if they are traveling on duty, says NHAI. This was clarified by the NHAI headquarters in New Delhi in reply to queries by The Indian Express through the Right to Information Act seeking details of exemption from paying tolls to defense personnel, especially in light of the introduction of FASTags. The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has stated that exemption from payment of tolls on national highways to defense personnel is available only when they are “on duty”. No exemption is available if they are traveling in a private vehicle while being “off duty”. It is also not available for retired defense personnel.

How to obtain NHAI FASTag for “Army Officers” who are exempted from Toll Tax?

Army Officers can take the FASTag from any of the FASTag issuing banks by showing relevant proof while applying for FASTag.

Is there any exemption of NHAI Road Toll Tax for Defence Civilians?


What do I do if a refund is not received for NHAI FASTag?

We would request you to contact the issuing bank for the dispute raised and ask them to resolve the same.

In case of harassment/ misconduct/ discourteous/ rude behavior of NHAI toll collection staff, what should we do?

In case of such a scenario, a complaint is to be lodged with the respective Project Directors at the toll plaza. Further, the incident may be reported at etc.nodal@ihmcl.com or call on toll-free number 1033

What if I face multiple transaction failures in NHAI FASTag?

For multiple transaction failures, we would request you kindly share the details separately for each transaction. The details can be shared with us on our NETC handle on Twitter (@FASTag_NETC

What should I do if my bank is not helping?

You can share the transaction details with us in the following format in order for us to look into the issue more keenly and resolve the same at the earliest.
VRN (Vehicle Registration Number)
Toll Plaza Name
Plaza City

What if I relocate to another city?

FASTag will work on all the enabled toll plazas across the country. In case you are shifting to a different city or changing your current address, you are requested to kindly communicate the same to your Tag issuing bank.

What if I sell/ transfer my car?

In case you have sold or transferred your vehicle, we would request you to inform your issuing bank about the same and close the account.

Can I avail myself of a yearly pass for NHAI FASTag?

Yearly is not available. The monthly pass facility is specific to each toll plaza. You may call your Toll Free customer care to check the details. You can also avail Monthly Pass Facility on the NHAI website.

How will I come to know if my account is debited for NHAI toll transactions?

Once the Customer pays through FASTag, He will get an SMS mentioning Toll Name, Transaction Date, Transaction Amount, and Available Balance in the FASTag account.

I have two different vehicles. Can I use one NHAI FASTag for two vehicles?

Customers can use only one tag with one vehicle. Once Tag is affixed on the windshield of the vehicle, it cannot be removed as it will get destroyed and will not work at the toll plaza.

Do I need to use any specific lane at the toll plaza for NHAI FASTag?

Yes, the Customer has to use the lanes demarcated only for FASTag users. Only FASTag-marked lanes have the required RFID infrastructure installed to read FASTag. In case you enter cash lane, the FASTag will not be read and cash needs to be paid.

How would I know that the correct user fee has been deducted from my NHAI FASTag account?

Post payment through FASTag, the Customer will receive an SMS on his registered mobile number for each transaction, and the balance is deducted from your FASTag account. You can also check the toll fare on the NHAI website for your respective toll plazas.

How do I block my NHAI FASTag account, in case my vehicle is lost?

The customer should call his Issuing bank customer care numbers and block his FASTag account.

I reside within 11 km of a particular toll plaza. Do I need to take NHAI FASTag to get the concessions available for local vehicles?

Local concessions or any other discount can be availed through FASTag. For local pass concession, the Customer needs to get the eligibility proof from the toll plaza and submit the proof while applying for FASTag along with the relevant document to his Issuing bank to avail applicable concession in toll fee.

Does NPCI issue NHAI FASTag?

No. NPCI does not issue FASTag. NPCI has developed the NETC System which facilitates making the toll payment electronically.

Which Toll Plaza is ready for NHAI FASTag?

Around 650+ toll plazas are live on FASTag now. A list of toll plazas is available on IHMCL or NHAI website. You can also check the list here

What If there is a double deduction of NHAI toll charges?

We request you kindly contact the issuing bank’s customer service desk to report the double deduction issue. They will review your complaint and based on its merit, raise a chargeback for the duplicate transaction.

What is the meaning of tag blacklisted? What can be done to avoid the Blacklist of tags?

A blacklist of tags means vehicles are not allowed to pay through FASTag at the toll plaza. There is the various reason for the blacklisting of the Tag, i.e. Tag is not having sufficient balance in his FASTag account. In such cases, the Customer should call his bank’s toll-free call center numbers and get the reason for the blacklist. To avoid the Blacklisting of tags, the customer should recharge his tag when he gets the alert of a low balance from his bank. Also, FASTag can be blacklisted by law enforcement agencies due to any rule violation complaint registered against the vehicle. In such cases, the enforcement agencies request the issuer or acquirer to add the tag id to the blacklist.

I was forced to pay by cash at the toll plaza, though I had sufficient balance in NHAI FASTag.

In case you are forced to pay by cash though your account has sufficient balance in FASTag, customers should call the 1033 toll-free number and register a complaint about the same. 1033 call center is set up by NHAI (Govt. of India) for all road assistance to the highway user which includes FASTag as well.

NHAI FASTag doesn’t work even when all lanes display the FASTag logo.

In case FASTag is not acceptable at the toll plaza, customers should call the 1033 toll-free number and register a complaint about the same. 1033 call center is set up by NHAI (Govt. of India) for all road assistance to the highway user which includes FASTag as well.

Whether my existing RFID or any other RFID tag is accepted at all toll plazas or only NHAI FASTag is accepted where the RFID system is enabled?

No, any RFID Tag will not be accepted at the National Highway toll plaza. Only FASTag will be accepted on National Highway toll plazas.

Is the NETC Tag for the Mumbai Bandra- Worli Sea link RFID tag and NHAI FASTag the same tag or a different tag?

Both are different tags. The Mumbai Bandra –Worli Sea links ETC Tag is different from FASTag and cannot be used on National Highway Toll Plazas, similarly, you can’t use FASTag on the Bandra Worli sea-link.

I did not have enough in my NHAI FASTag account to pass the toll plaza. Can I pass the toll Plaza in this scenario?

The customer will be allowed to pass through the 1st Toll plaza of his journey later for the next toll plaza his tag status will be shown under low balance. Hence either the customer has to recharge his FASTag account or has to pay in cash while passing the Toll Plaza.

How is the return journey calculated through NHAI FASTag?

Return journey toll fare rules are configured at toll plaza acquiring bank systems and the acquiring bank is responsible for calculating return journey benefits on the basis of Plaza fare rules and transaction time.

What is my UPI ID for reloading NHAI FASTag?

The UPI ID of FASTag is NETC. Vehicle Registration Number@ Customer Bank. For e.g. the Vehicle Registration number is MH04BB1234 and the issuer bank is ICICI Bank then UPI ID will be netc. MH04BB1234@ICICIbank. The customer should get the UPI ID validated with his bank before recharging FASTag through UPI.

What if I have recharged the NHAI FASTag but Money is not credited to my FASTag Account?

If the Customer has recharged the Tag and the amount debited from this account but not been credited to his FASTag account Customer should call his bank Call center and raise the request for reversal.

Why FASTag is mandatory if some toll plazas still don’t have separate NHAI FASTag lane

It is a digital initiative of Govt. of India where all the National Highway toll plazas are mandated to have FASTag lanes. In case any plaza is not having the FASTag lane or not accepting the FASTag please call on 1033 and register your complaint.

Is the NHAI FASTag customer care number (1033) not working? What is the alternate option?Is the NHAI FASTag customer care number (1033) not working? What is the alternate option?

You can call on your bank call center number and register your complaint or mail at nodal@ihmcl.com

If the vehicle is new and doesn’t have RC how will they apply for NHAI FASTag?

In case RC is not issued to customers, still they can get FASTag-based vehicle VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and Engine Number. Do let us know if we can help you with anything else.

Will I have to pay by cash or card if my NHAI FASTag fails?

If the tag reader fails to read your Fastag, you’ll have to pay the toll the old-fashioned way i.e. by cash or card. In such cases, ensure the toll receipt mentions your vehicle’s registration number correctly. Sometimes, the toll is debited from your Fastag, but the toll booth system fails to get updated. In this situation, you’ll have to upload the photo of your toll receipt on your Fastag provider’s website/portal/app and request a refund. No refund is issued unless the photo of the toll receipt is uploaded, and it has your vehicle’s registration number mentioned on it.

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Minimum balance?

 It is necessary to maintain a minimum balance of ₹100 in your Fastag e-wallet. Otherwise, the toll booth board displays the Fastag Blacklisted message and you’ll be required to pay the toll by cash/card.

Will I get a receipt after using NHAI FASTag? 

When the system works smoothly, the toll booth displays Fastag and vehicle category immediately after the reader reads your Fastag and the barrier arm lifts automatically. You don’t get a paper receipt like before. Instead, you’ll get an SMS on your phone with the debited toll amount. Not all Fastag providers send an SMS (Some do, some do it later, and some just don’t). It is always a good idea to verify your toll transactions on your Fastag provider’s website/portal/app after your journey.

Why is closing the NHAI FASTag account important when you sell the car?

In case you have sold or transferred your vehicle, you should get the FASTag deactivated/closed immediately as the Toll payment will continue to be deducted from the source account to which the FASTag is linked. Till you close your FASTag account, the new buyer of your car will also not be able to get a new FASTag issued for the car as only one active FASTag can be linked to a particular vehicle.

How to close an NHAI FASTag linked account?

Various service providers have different procedures for the deactivation or the closure of the FASTag-linked account or e-wallet. One of the most common ways can be reaching out to the Customer Support of your FASTag provider and raising a request for the closure/deactivation of the FASTag-linked account. MoRTH/NHAI/IHMCL has launched a helpline number 1033 for addressing FASTag complaints- Customers can simply dial 1033 for any FASTag-related concerns.

How much discount can I avail in NHAI FASTag?

FASTag must avail discounts on national highway toll plazas. Vehicles with a valid functional FASTag can claim a discount for making return journeys within 24 hours or any other local exemptions. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has made it mandatory to use FASTag for availing return journey discounts or any other exemptions on toll fee plazas. Vehicles with a valid functional FASTag can claim a discount for making return journeys within 24 hours or any other local exemptions. A gazette notification no. 534 E dated August 24, 2020, to amend the National Highways Fee (Determination of Rates and Collection) Rules, 2008  has been notified in this respect.

How do I get a FASTag?

The official way to obtain a FASTag is to apply through your bank or digital payment applications such as PAYTM. The procedure is uploading your car number and evidence of registered owner ID online. After that, after payment is received, the tag will be shipped to the specified address.

Can I get FASTag immediately?

The easiest approach to acquire your tag quickly is to go to a local toll booth. Most banks and digital payment providers have set up temporary kiosks where workers are assigned to sell the tags. The representative will want car information, such as the registration certificate and evidence of ownership. If the car is registered to a corporation, the user may also give his or her personal ID.

Which bank is offering free FASTag?

Fastag Tag may also be obtained from any national Toll Plaza in India. Here is a list of India’s national highways. You may obtain a Fastag card for your vehicle for free by visiting the Toll Plaza office. There are also special offers available with ICICI Bank FASTag! The Ministry of Road Transportation and Highways has ordered that all cars be FASTag-equipped from January 1, 2021. What are the three documents needed?
1. Registration Certificate (RC) of the vehicle
2. Passport-size photo of the vehicle owner
3. KYC documents (PAN Card/Driving License/Passport/Voter ID/Aadhaar Card (with address)).

What are the details about FASTag implementation?

If you’re not familiar with FASTag and how it works, now’s the time to learn. According to the most recent government regulations, FASTag will be made mandatory for all cars in the nation beginning on February 16, 2021, failing which you will be required to pay double the toll price. According to research by the Transport Corporation of India (TCI) and IIM Kolkata, transportation delays cost India around USD 6.6 billion per year.
To address this shortfall, the government implemented the Electronic Toll Collection (ETC). Taking a lesson from this, the National Highways Programme stated that it will undergo extensive reorganization in order to improve the efficiency of the National Highways Grid’s operation.

What benefits of using FASTag right now?

While one of the primary goals of FASTag technology is to maintain optimal traffic flow and reduce congestion at toll plazas, there are several other FASTag advantages.

Those who often utilize roads for commuting will no longer have to waste time looking for change at highway toll plazas.
It is a contactless payment method that prioritizes cleanliness and safety.
It decreases the amount of work necessary during human interactions, making the payment process more effective and efficient.
Because there is no idling at toll booths, there is seamless movement on national and state highways, which decreases automotive emissions and carbon footprint.
Long lineups might alleviate anxiety among drivers since vehicles will be traveling in sync with one another.
FASTag customers additionally receive a 2.5 percent payback on all transactions made at national toll plazas, resulting in even more savings.

Do you need a FASTag even if you don’t take your vehicle on highways?

The government intends to use FASTag as a multi-utility payment mechanism in places other than roads, such as parking lots. FASTag was made necessary to have third-party insurance in April 2020, which is a minimum insurance cover required for all automobiles. Furthermore, if you enter a FASTag lane without a FASTag, you will be charged double the toll amount. The same rule applies if your FASTag is inoperable due to RFID impairment or inadequate balance. Having a FASTag is thus a question of convenience as well as safety.

What is the validity of FASTag?

FASTag is valid for a minimum of five years, eliminating the need for yearly renewals. You can also receive SMS notifications on toll deductions and the balance of your FASTag account. Furthermore, HDFC Bank provides an online FASTag reloadable facility for low-cost recharges or top-ups.

What will happen if I don’t use FASTag?

It can be annoying not to have a FASTag installed in your car, and it will be obligatory for all cars beginning in January 2021. So, buy a FASTag for your automobile and help the country achieve its digital goals.

How much does it cost and what about validity?

According to the IHMCL, banks can charge up to Rs 200 for issuing the tag, including all taxes. A security deposit is also required, which is generally approximately Rs 200 for most automobiles (depending on the vehicle type).
The tag then requires a minimum recharge value, generally Rs 100, to remain active. Aside from that, different banks may impose an extra transaction fee for each recharge. It is recommended to look at the websites of banks or prepaid wallets to discover how much they charge.
Currently, the security deposit cannot be used to pay tolls. The establishment is debating whether this security deposit may also be used as a toll, but nothing has been decided. FASTag is valid indefinitely as long as the scanner can read the tag. FASTag is just for automobiles, not people.

Which highways accept FASTag?

FASTags have been implemented for toll collection at all 615 NHAI toll plazas and 100 state highway toll plazas. The number will steadily rise.

How to operate a FASTag account, like recharge, top up, etc?

The FASTag mobile app (Android and iOS) may be linked to it. Each FASTag is assigned a unique number. Banks have their web-based systems in place. It works just like any other prepaid e-wallet.

What will happen if you enter a FASTag lane without having a FASTag by mistake?

The highway marshals should ideally not allow you to enter a FASTag lane. However, if you find yourself in a FASTag lane, you must pay double the toll price. Even if your FASTag is not working due to RFID damage or a lack of balance, you will be charged double the toll amount. Policymakers are considering partnering with banks to create a system in which the user may pay cash and the tag is recharged on the spot via a payment gateway (such as the Bharat Bill Payment System). However, this is still in the planning stages.

Do you need FASTag even if you do not take your car to the highways?

Ideally, yes, because the government has intended to make FASTag necessary for third-party insurance, which is a minimum insurance cover required for all automobiles, beginning in April of this year. Furthermore, in order to encourage usage, the government intends to incorporate FASTag for payments at highway rest stops, parking lots, and other locations. As a result, the tag is transformed into a multi-utility payment instrument.

What documents do I need to get/activate a FASTag?

A copy of your valid driver’s license (as evidence of address and picture ID), as well as the vehicle’s registration certificate. Banks demand KYC papers such as Aadhaar, passports, and PANs.

What if I am in the toll exemption/concession category?

If you live within 10 kilometers of the toll plaza, you must provide evidence of residency in order to obtain a FASTag and benefit from the concession.

How to resolve complaints about FASTag?

The NHAI’s all-India hotline number is 1033. When it comes to NHAI’s FASTags, complaint resolution is often quick. Customers who have FASTags issued by banks, on the other hand, are routed to the bank’s customer service, and concerns take longer to resolve. To address this, the government is contemplating integrating the hotline in some way, so that a complaint produces a “ticket,” which is then forwarded to the bank, and the issue is handled without the client having to track down the complaint. The majority of complaints include broken RFID, low balance, recharge inquiries, and technological issues such as deducting SMS arriving late, among other things.

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