Chandigarh Traffic Police Challan Rates List 2022

Chandigarh Traffic Police Challan Rates List 2022

Chandigarh is popularly known for its organized structure, quiet roads, and clean roads. And now, the Chandigarh traffic police have taken the responsibility to ensure people’s utmost safety on the road. In doing so, Chandigarh Traffic Police strictly imposes traffic rules and regulations issued by the Government of India. The Chandigarh Police Department has employed meticulous officers and has strategically installed CCTV cameras across the city to keep an eye on the traffic.

In case of violation of the Traffic rules, the Chandigarh Traffic Police has the right to issue an e-challan to the offender. The Traffic Police in Chandigarh uses an SMS service to impose the e-challan. Some traffic violations that may get you a challan include no parking, two-wheeler tripling, helmet challan, bullet silencer, and more.

Here take a look at the Chandigarh traffic challan rates list 2022, inclusive of all possible violations and related penalties:

OffensePenalty (in Rs)
First OffenceSubsequent Offence
Driving without Driving License/expired License50005000
Failure to produce Driving Licence5001,000
An unauthorized person driving the vehicle5,0005,000
Learner driving without displaying L Plates5001,000
Driving without/Expired Registration Certificate (two-Wheelers)3,0005,000
Driving without/Expired Registration Certificate (Other vehicles)5,00010,000
Road Tax not paid5001,000
Driving transport vehicle without Fitness Certificate5,00010,000
Driving transport vehicle without Permit10,00010,000
carrying excess passengers200 per excess passenger
Driving without/expired insurance2,0004,000
Failure to report a change of address within the prescribed period5001,000
Violating air pollution standards2,0005,000
Failure to provide passage to emergency vehicles- Fire Service Vehicle/Ambulance10,00010,000
Use of mobile phone while driving2,00010,000
Heavy vehicle-2,000
Heavy vehicle- 4,000
Driver mentally/ physically unfit5001,000
Violation of mandatory road signs5001,000
Disobeying Police Orders1,0001,500
Racing And Trails Of Speed5,00010,000
Wrong Parking5001,000
Driving without helmet1,0001,000
Triple Riding on 2-Wheeler1,0001,000
Honking unnecessarily1,0002,000
Driving without seat-belt1,0001,000
Child below 14 Yrs not Secured by safety Belt/Child Restraint System1,0001,000
Offenses by JuvenileCourt

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