Tamil Nadu Traffic Police Challan Rates List 2022

Tamil Nadu is infamous for the maximum number of road accidents in the country, and the most common reason for road accidents is over speeding. Keeping this in mind, in 2019, the Central Government amended the MVA, 1988. Since, the update of MVA, the fines, and penalties for the violation of traffic rules was increased manifold. This was done to make people responsible for their actions and follow road safety rules and regulations.

Chennai Traffic Police also mandates drivers/riders to carry a valid driver’s license, RC, PUC certificate, and vehicle insurance. Traffic police have the right to demand to see any of these documents. If a driver or rider is unable to present the documents, a challan will be issued in his name for the violation of the Chennai traffic rules. A traffic challan ranges from Rs. 500 to up to Rs. 1 lakh depending upon the severity of the penalty. In some cases, the driver’s license can be suspended, or he has to serve jail time as well.

Below-mentioned is the updated Tamil Nadu traffic challan rates list 2022:

Type of violationFines (INR)
Violation of general traffic rules500
Violation of road regulations500
Traveling without ticket200-500
Disobeying orders of traffic police2,000
Driving vehicles without a valid Registration Certificate5,000
Driving vehicles without a valid Driving license5,000
Driving without a valid car insurance policyFor first offense: 2,000 and 3 months imprisonment For repeat offense: 4,000 and 3 months imprisonment
Driving vehicles without a valid permitup to 10,000
driving vehicles with expired/suspended Driving License10,000
Driving vehicles without insurance2,000
Driving oversized vehicles (vehicles not meeting specified dimensions)5,000
Overspeeding1,000 for Light motor vehicles (LMV)
2,000 for Medium-sized vehicles
Rash drivingUp to 5,000
Drunken drivingUp to 10,000
Using a mobile phone while driving1,000-2,000
Drag racing10,000
Overloading20,000 and 2,000 per extra tonne
Overloading of passengers1,000
Not wearing a seat belt1,000
Riding a two-wheeler with more than two passengers (overloading)2,000
With license suspension for 3 months
Riding without helmet2,000
With license suspension for 3 months
Blocking emergency vehicles (fire engine, ambulance)10000
Violations by juveniles25,000
With 3-year imprisonment And cancellation of Vehicle registration
Violation of license conditions25,000-100,000
Excessive pollution by carFor first offence:1,000
For repeat offence:2,000

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