Recently India has seen an increasing number of deaths and mishaps due to road accidents. According to the data published by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, in 2021, more than 4 lakh road accidents have been reported, whereas about 1.5 lakh Indian citizens have lost their lives. In India, this number was recorded at an all-time high. Most of these accidents were caused by speeding and jumping red light signals. Not adhering to traffic rules and not following safe driving practices are the main causes of these road accidents. The situation demands the need for strict implementation of traffic rules, especially traffic signals. 

Traffic signal exists at every junction and intersection to manage the overall flow of traffic. The red traffic light indicates drivers to slow down and stop at the signal. The yellow light alerts people to move slowly either to start or stop their vehicle. Whereas, the green traffic light is what allows people to get moving and pass through the traffic stop. 

Make sure you always follow the road safety rules/traffic signal to avoid getting a heavy penalty.

Red Light Jumping Challan- Overview 

The penalty for jumping the red light signal is similar for all vehicles, whether you are driving a two-wheeler or four-wheeler. The rule does not limit to the specific vehicle type.

In case of jumping a red light signal, a violator has to pay a fine for contravening the road traffic rule. The defaulter will be issued a red light jump challan of Rs. 1,000 for not adhering to the traffic signal. Before the amendment of the Motor Vehicle Act 1988, the penalty amount for jumping a red light was roughly around Rs. 100-300, however now it has been increased.

Challan for Jumping Red Light- Fine for Signal Jumping

Jumping a red light signal is a serious offense and can lead to fatal accidents. No matter what the situation is, never jump the red light. 

If the traffic police officer catches you jumping the red light, then he/she will stop your vehicle ad ask you to see all your relevant documents including the driving license, insurance papers, PUC certificate, and the RC book.  

Following this, the traffic police officer will then issue you a challan for jumping a red light, either offline (through the challan receipt) or online.

Thanks to digitization and advanced technology, traffic signals are now equipped with cameras that are constantly monitored by the traffic police from the traffic control room. If the camera catches you jumping the red light then you will be issued with an e-challan and received it on your registered mobile number RMN.

Fine/Penalty for Jumping a Red Light Signal in Different States

States/UTFines (in Rupees)
Delhi₹ 1000
Uttar Pradesh₹ 300-500
Punjab₹ 500- 1000
Andhra Pradesh₹ 1000
Karnataka₹ 500
Haryana₹ 5000
Maharashtra₹ 200
Telangana₹ 500
West Bengal₹ 100
Chandigarh₹ 5000

How to pay Red Light Challan in India?

In India, the payment for a red light jump challan can be made either through online or offline modes of payment.

For Online Payment- 

  • Visit the State Transport Department website.
  • On the dashboard, find the Challan or Traffic Violation Payment section and click on it.
  • To proceed with the fine payment, enter the Vehicle Number or Challan Number.
  • Check the challan details and choose a mode (Debit or Credit card) to make the payment.
  • Make the challan payment of the amount stated and download/print the receipt for future reference.

For Offline Payment-

  • Visit your nearest local Traffic Police Station.
  • Head to the payment department and ask for the details of your traffic challan.
  • Make the challan payment, either through cash, card, or other modes of payment.
  • Collect the payment receipt and keep it safely with you for further reference.

Once you pay this challan amount successfully, then only you will be completely free of any liabilities or obligations. 


You can always avoid traffic challan by making sure that you strictly follow road safety rules/practices. One should avoid over-speeding, rash driving, or jumping red lights at all costs, especially near a road intersection. Not only will you violate the traffic signal, but there are solid chances that you will also end up hitting other vehicles coming from the opposite direction. 

So, it is best to view traffic signals carefully and control the vehicle speed accordingly. Make sure you service the vehicle regularly in order to avoid any disastrous loss of control or other sudden mishaps.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Jumping a Red Traffic Light allowed in India?

Jumping a red light signal or contravening with road safety rules/traffic rules is deemed illegal and a punishable offense as per the Indian Motor Vehicle Act. 

What happens if you accidentally jump a red light signal?

Even if you by mistake go through a Red Light signal, you will be fined irrespectively if the traffic police officer or the surveillance camera catches your vehicle.

Can a traffic police officer seize my vehicle for jumping a red light signal?

Yes, an on-duty traffic police officer has the right and the authority to seize a vehicle for violating road safety rules/traffic rules, including jumping a red light signal.

What is the maximum penalty/punishment for jumping a red light signal?

Jumping the red light signal can cost an individual a fine of up to Rs. 5000 along with the suspension of a driving license and at least 6 months of imprisonment.

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