All Tripura Vehicle RTO Code List

Nestled in the northeastern region of India, Tripura connects with the rest of the country only through National Highway 8. Despite having only one major highway, the state is known for its well-organized Regional Transport Office (RTO) system. The Tripura RTO plays a vital role in managing vehicle registration, issuance and renewals of driver’s licenses, granting permits, controlling pollution, and ensuring road safety rules and regulations within the state.

There are around 8 RTOs in Tripura, and each one of them is designated with a unique RTO code. The RTO code helps in simplifying vehicle registration and identification across the state. Additionally, road tax in Tripura serves as a main source of revenue for the state’s development and maintenance of transportation infrastructure. Road tax is a mandatory charge imposed on vehicles plying on roads within the state’s border.

Being aware of the operations of the Tripura RTO, understanding the intricacies of RTO codes, and comprehending the road tax structure are extremely important for both residents and visitors to responsibly and lawfully navigate Tripura’s roadways.

RTO CodeRTO NameLocationPin Code
TR01Agartala RTOSadar, Agartala799001
TR02Kailashahar RTOKailashahar799221
TR03Udaipura RTOUdaipura799229
TR04Dharmanagar RTODharmanagar799170
TR05Khowai RTOKhowai799215
TR06Teliamura RTOTeliamura799108
TR07Bishramganj RTOBishramganj799122
TR08South Tripura RTOSantirbazar799627

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