Ring Raod Toll Plaza Rates- Fees – Monthly Fastag

The ring road is known as the area starting from Delhi to Agra. The stretch has a tollable length of 89.750 km. The ring road toll booth is in operation since 2002 and has two static weighbridges and a rest area nearby. The Ring-road toll booth also provides concessions on monthly pass rates to non-commercial vehicles residing within a distance of 20 KM. The monthly pass rate for FY 2022-23 for local private vehicles is Rs. 315. For the rest of the vehicle categories (such as Car/Jeep/Van, LCV, Bus, trucks, and more) toll charges for a single journey, return journey, and monthly pass on Ring-road toll plaza are listed below.

Ring Raod Toll Plaza/Gate Charges/Rates/Fees

Vehicle TypeSingleReturnMonthlyCommercial
2 Axle Bus, Truck365.00545.0012145.00NA
3 Axle Bus, Truck395.00595.0013250.00NA
4,5,6 Axle Bus, Truck570.00855.0019045.00NA
7 Axle Bus, Truck695.001045.0023185.00NA
Heavy Vehicle570.00855.0019045.00NA
Local Monthly Pass LT1:265.00LCV Daily Pass:
Local Monthly Pass LT2:Truck Daily Pass
School Monthly Pass:

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