Punjab Traffic Police Challan Rates List 2022

Punjab Traffic Police Challan Rates List 2022

With the introduction of e-challan, the Punjab Traffic Police has become more active than ever before. Recently the Motor Vehicles Act, 2019 has been approved by the Government of India, and now it has been officially implemented all over India. After the amendment in The Motor Vehicles Act, now a fine of lakhs can be imposed on individuals for breaching the traffic rules. The updated list of traffic rule violations has added more than 50 penalty details. 

Traffic rule offenders will be issued with an e-challan, which they can pay either online (through the Parivahan portal) or offline. To avoid getting fined, it is crucial to get yourself acquainted with the traffic rules and regulations and follow them rigorously. Besides, they must carry all mandatory documents such as a driving license, an insurance policy, a PUC certificate, and RC and keep them updated.  

Following is the complete revised Punjab traffic challan rate list 2022 imposed for breaking road safety rules.

OffensesFor First OffenceFor Subsequent Offence
Disobey of traffic signal5001000
Smoking while driving5001000
Wrong parking within the city area5001000
Unauthorized use of Sun film10001500
Failing to Lower Head Light Beam within city road500600
Unauthorized use of Red/Blue beacon10001500
Private Service vehicle without fire extinguisher500600
Traveling without pass & ticket500500
Supply of invalid tickets lesser value ticket500500
Refusal to ply contract carriage or to carry the passengers.500500
Disobeying of orders,and refusal of information10001500
Withholding information/supply false information.10001500
Allowing an unauthorized person to drive50005000
Driving without/invalid Driving License50005000
Driving vehicle during disqualification/suspension of license1000010000
Acting as a conductor with the license when not legally authorized20002000
Offense relating to the sale of the vehicle by Dealer/Manufacturer/Importer100000 (per vehicle)100000 (per vehicle)
Offense relating to the sale of the critical safety component100000 (per Component)100000 (per Component)
Alteration of the motor vehicle by the owner5000 (Per Alteration)5000 (Per Alteration)
Prohibition of Registration & Fitness Certification to oversized vehicles50005000
Driving LMV with excess speed10002000
Driving HMV/MMV passengers with excess speed20004000
Dangerous driving or using a mobile phone while driving200010000
Driving Mentally/ Physical unfit to drive10002000
Racing and trials of speed500010000
Violating standards of road safety, air pollution, and noise pollution500010000
Using a vehicle without registration and Fitness certificate500010000
Vehicle without a permit and violating permit conditions1000010000
Overloading goods vehicle20000 and 2000 per tone of excess load.20000 and 2000 per tone of excess load.
Carrying over-dimension vehicle2000020000
Refusal for weighing of the goods carriage4000040000
Carrying excess passengers in the transport vehicle200(Per extra Passenger)200(Per extra Passenger)
Without Seat belt (Driver and Passengers)10001000
Carrying children below 14 yr without safety belt/child restraint system10001000
Riding more than two persons on a two-wheeler1000 and disqualified for holding a license for three months1000 and disqualified for holding a license for three months
Riding without Helmets by both drivers & pillion1000 and disqualified for holding a license for three months1000 and disqualified for holding a license for three months
Not providing way for emergency vehicles such as Fire Service Vehicle and Ambulance10000 and disqualified for holding a license for three months10000 and disqualified for holding a license for three months
Using horn needlessly10002000
Release of exhaust gas other than silencer10002000
Driving Without insurance20004000
Unauthorized interference with vehicle10001000

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