Mumbai-Pune Expressway Status

TrafficModerate to heavy, 3 km jam starting at Amrutanjan bridge due to heavy vehicles on fast laneSmooth traffic, no major congestion
Lane closuresClosed for 6 hours (11 AM – 5 PM) due to construction; residual traffic may still be presentNone
Other factorsClear skies with good visibilityNone
AccidentsNo major accidents reportedNone
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Mumbai-Pune Expressway Distance

SectionDistance (km)
Mumbai to Navi Mumbai18.5
Navi Mumbai to Panvel22.5
Panvel to Lonavla64.5
Lonavla to Pune64.5
Total Distance (Mumbai to Pune)170

Mumbai-Pune Expressway Traffic

DirectionTraffic FlowSpecific Areas
Mumbai-boundModerate to heavy3 km jam starting at Amrutanjan bridge, slow-moving due to heavy vehicles on fast lane
Pune-boundSmoothNo major congestion reported

Mumbai-Pune Expressway Speed limit

SectionSpeed Limit (km/h)
Mumbai to Navi Mumbai80
Navi Mumbai to Panvel80
Panvel to Lonavla80
Lonavla to Pune80

Mumbai-Pune Expressway Toll

Vehicle CategoryMumbai-bound Toll (INR)Pune-bound Toll (INR)
Bus/Truck (2 axles)340300
Multi-axle Truck/Trailer680580
Oversized VehicleSpecial Permit requiredSpecial Permit required

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