Maharashtra Traffic Police Challan Rates List 2022

As per the data released by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highway in 2019, Maharashtra is in second place on the list of states with the highest number of road accident deaths. According to traffic officials, the increase in the number of fatalities could be owed, to quite an extent, to over-speeding. To curb this increase in the number of accidents, the Maharashtra traffic police are enforcing stringent ‘road safety rules. 

Following road safety rules and regulations is crucial to avoid unwanted penalties as the revised penalty rates have been increased by 200%. In case of any violation of the Traffic rules, the Maharashtra Traffic Police will issue a challan to the offender, which is compulsory to pay. Some of the major offenses that may get you a traffic challan includes not wearing a seatbelt, two-wheeler tripling, drunk driving, etc.

Check out the new RTO fines in Maharashtra Traffic Challan Rates List 2022 for violating road safety rules. 

OffensePenalty (in INR)
Driving without a seat beltA fine of ₹1,000 or/and community service.
Triple riding on two-vehicleA fine of ₹1,000 or/and license disqualification
With Community service for three months.
Driving without helmet₹1,000
Carrying excess luggage₹20,000 (+₹2,000 for every tonne above the permitted level with community service)
Driving without a number plate200
Parking in no parking zone500
Minor driving vehicle2 Fine of ₹25,000 with up to 3 years
Registration cancellation for one year.
Minor will become ineligible for a license until they are 25 years of age.
Disobey traffic signalsImprisonment between 6 months and 1 year or/and a fine of ₹1,000-₹5,000
Dangerous/rash drivingA fine of ₹1,000 (2 & 3 Wheelers), ₹2,000 (for LMV)
Using a mobile phone while driving₹5,000
Drunken driving10,000
Driving vehicle without registration₹5,000 for first-time offenders.
₹10,000 for repeat offenders
Driving uninsured vehicle3 months imprisonment, community service or/ and a fine of ₹2,000
A fine of ₹4,000 in case of repeated offence.
Violation of road regulations₹1,000
Over-speedingFor Light motor vehicle (LMV): 1,000
For Medium passenger goods vehicle: 2,000-4,000 with license seizure
Not giving passage to emergency vehicles10,000
Driving when mentally or physically unfit to drive500
RacingFor the first offense: 5,000
For repeat offense: 10,000
Disqualified person driving a vehicle10,000
Failure to intimate change of the address of vehicle owner500
Driving without a valid driving license5,000
Driving without insuranceF For the first offence: 2,000
For repeat offence: 4,000
Overloading₹5,000 and an additional ₹2,000/tonne

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