List of all the Toll Plazas in Chhattisgarh Rates & Contact

Toll Plaza NameNH No.Section of Highway
Chhuhipali6 (Old 53 )Chhattisgarh/Orissa Border – Aurang Section
Dhank6Chhattisgarh/Orissa Border – Aurang Section
Durg Bypass (Dhamdanaka)6Durg Bypass – Chhattisgarh/Maharashtra Border
Kharun (MoRTH)6 (Old 53)Raipur – Durg
Kosa Nala (MoRTH)6 (Old 53)Raipur – Durg Four lane (Km 281.000 to Km 307.600)
Lakholi53Raipur – Aurang
Nandghat Bridge (MoRTH)200(Old 130)H.L. Bridge at Nandghat
Songir3MP/Maharashtra Border – Dhule
Sundar Nagar6Raipur – Aurang
Thakurtola (End of Durg Bypass)6End of Durg Bypass Chhattisgarh Maharashtra Border

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