Jharkhand Traffic Police Challan Rates List 2022

Following traffic rules and regulations set by the Motor Vehicles Act 1988, are mandatory by the law to avoid any mishaps on the road that can cause injury or loss of life. Road safety rules and regulations are the same all over the country, however, have slight variations in each state. To encourage the general public to follow road safety rules, Jharkhand Traffic Police levy heavy fines on the defaulters. 

In case of any violation of the Traffic rules, the Jharkhand Traffic Police issue an e-challan through SMS to the offender, which is compulsory to pay. In case the defaulter fails to pay the challan, their driving license can get suspended. Therefore, obey traffic rules and drive safely.

Check out the complete Jharkhand Traffic Challan Rate List 2022 for traffic offenses and penalties: 

OffensePenalty (in Rs)
First OffenceSubsequent Offence
Driving in a Prohibited Area or Restricted Road5001500
Violations of traffic signs5001500
Dangerous Parking5001500
Allowing person on running board5001500
Overtaking Dangerously5001500
Wrong parking5001500
Wrong number plate5001500
Disobedience of orders of authority/refusal to give information500
Driving without a valid license (two-wheelers/Three-wheelers/Four-wheelers)5000
Retrofitting of motor vehicle/Alteration5000 and six months imprisonment
Driving with disqualified driving license10000
Over-speedingLight Motor Vehicle: 1000
Passenger/Goods vehicle: 2000
Light Motor Vehicle: 2000
Passenger/Goods vehicle: 4000
Using a mobile phone while driving100010000
Excessive passenger in the front seat500010000
Driving a vehicle when Mentally or Physically Unfit200500
Racing/Speed Trial500010000
Violating air/sound pollution standards10002000
Drive Motor Vehicle Without Registration20005000
Driving without permit10000 and six months imprisonment10000 and one-year imprisonment
Triple-riding two-wheeler1000 and three months suspension of DL1000 and three months suspension of DL
Overloading goods vehicle20000 and Rs 2000/- per extra tonne
Carrying extra passengers on the vehicle200 per passenger
Carrying passenger/children without safety belt1000
Driving without helmet1000 and three months suspension of DL
Not providing a way to emergency vehicle10000 and six months imprisonment
Unnecessarily sounding Horn10002000
Driving Motor Vehicle Without Insurance20004000 and six months imprisonment
Unauthorized interference with vehicle1000

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