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Popularly known for its sandy beaches, fishing villages, vibrant nightlife, and Portuguese colony, Goa attracts a large number of tourists from around the globe. However, with the increased number of tourists every year, the number of road accidents in the state has also been increasing rapidly in Goa. The number one cause of accidents in Goa is drinking and drinking and not following traffic laws.

Keeping this in mind, the Goa Traffic Police Department has now made several changes in traffic rules and policies to ensure a smooth flow of traffic and the safety of people on the road. The installation of cameras, stricter enforcement of traffic laws, and conducting various awareness campaigns and educational programs are some of the steps taken by the Goa Traffic Police Department to enhance road safety practices.

In addition to this, the fines for breaching traffic laws (for most traffic violations) in Goa have also been increased to Rs. 1000, which was Rs. 500 earlier. The maximum fine levied for contravening traffic rules and regulations is Rs. 10, 000.

Continue reading to get an overview of the traffic rules in Goa, including recent changes, and fines for various penalties.

Traffic offence in Goa for Tourists

If you are visiting Goa for the first time and planning on renting a bike or a car to explore the surrounding areas, you must be aware of the state’s traffic rules and regulations. Here we have listed some of the traffic rules that one must follow while driving or renting a vehicle in Goa.

  • Tourists in Goa must wear helmets while riding two-wheelers (including a scooter, motorcycle, or moped) in the interest of their safety.
  • One must be of age 18 years and above to rent or drive a vehicle in Goa.
  • In Goa, getting a rental car or bike on a learner’s license is prohibited. Therefore, tourists must possess a valid driving license to avoid getting into legal complications and being penalized with hefty fines.
  • Tinted glass on a car and the installation of laser lights on the vehicle are not allowed in Goa. Non-compliance with the rule can result in fines.
  • Overtaking on the bridge and over-speeding are not allowed. Adhering to speed limits is important to maintain road safety in Goa.
  • Riding a bike is not allowed on Atal Setu Bridge, so avoid doing that if you do not want to get fined for negligence, which is quite expensive in Goa.
  • Traffic police officials in Goa are stationed at every 3-kilometer distance in tourist areas. So, it is advisable to abide by traffic rules diligently to avoid getting into any trouble and for your safety as well.
  • Do not use Mobile phones while driving as it is not only dangerous but a serious traffic violation as well.
  • Park your vehicle only at designated parking spaces.
  • Drinking and Driving are strictly prohibited in Goa. The permissible blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limit is 0.03%. Violating this rule in Goa can result in huge penalties, suspension of driving license, and even imprisonment in some cases. Therefore, it is advisable to hire a driver or book a cab/tax if you planning on drinking alcohol.
  • Wearing a seat belt while driving a car is mandatory for both drivers and passengers.
  • Tourists in Goa are advised to follow lane driving.
  • Driving or riding any vehicle on the Goan beaches is strictly prohibited.
  • Tourists coming from nearby states such as Maharashtra, Karnataka, etc. in their private vehicles must carry all their necessary documents including registration certificate (RC), insurance papers, and pollution under control (PUC) certificate. Goa traffic police officials may conduct random checks and ask for these documents, and failure to present them can lead to heavy penalties and even vehicle impoundment.

Fines/Penalty for not following Traffic rules in Goa

The updated Goa Traffic Challan Rate List 2024 is as follows:

Type of ViolationFines (in INR)
Over speeding₹ 1000 for a two-wheeler
Riding a bike without wearing a Helmet₹ 1000
Unnecessary honking₹ 1000 for 1 st offense
Jumping red light signal₹ 5000
Using a mobile phone while driving/riding₹ 5000
Driving or riding a vehicle without a license₹ 10,000
Triple-riding a two-wheeler₹ 1000 and suspension of DL for three months
Using loud exhaust₹ 1000
Driving without wearing a seatbelt₹ 1000
Drink and driving₹ 5000

Popular Scooters for Tourists in Goa to Rent Out

Scooter ModelPrice Range (₹/day)Security Deposit (₹)Fuel Efficiency (km/L)
Honda Activa300 – 5001,000 – 2,00040-50
TVS Jupiter350 – 5501,000 – 2,00040-50
Yamaha Fascino400 – 6001,500 – 2,50040-50
Suzuki Access 125350 – 5501,000 – 2,00040-50
Hero Pleasure250 – 4501,000 – 2,00040-50


As a responsible tourist, if you’re heading to explore Goa by car or bike, it is important to familiarize yourself with new traffic laws and drive responsibly. Adhering to traffic rules and regulations not only ensures your safety but keeps you away from any trouble from local authorities while contributing to a hassle-free travel experience. So, keep yourself updated with Goa’s traffic laws and policy changes before planning a visit and making the most of your trip.

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