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Sambhu(Ghaggar) Toll Plaza/Gate Charges/Rates/Fees

Sambhu (Ghaggar) is one of the toll plazas (on National Highway 44) stationed in Haryana.
With a total tollable length of 66 km, the Sambhughaggar toll plaza extends to Panipat
Jalandhar. The toll plaza is effective since 1st Sep 2018 and deducts varied toll tax charges
depending on the vehicle types (car/jeep/van to LCV, truck, heavy vehicle, etc.) One can
take a single journey, return trip, monthly pass, and commercial vehicle registered within
the district of the plaza.

The Sambhughaggar toll plaza also offers concessional rates for the multiple trips taken
within a day and provides a monthly pass for use of a section of the stretch continuously
and frequently.

Local vehicle owners within a radius of 10 km can get a monthly pass of Rs.150, whereas
local people within a radius of 10 to 20 from the toll plaza location can get a monthly pass
at Rs. 300.

Even for LCVs and Trucks, the Daily pass is available for Rs. 15 and Rs. 25 respectively, for
each entry playing within 20 km. The concession rate for school Buses crossing the Sambhu
(Ghaggar) Toll Plaza is available for a Monthly pass of Rs. 1000.
Check out the Sambhughaggar toll plaza toll rates for various vehicle types.

Vehicle TypeSingleReturnMonthlyCommercial
2 Axle Bus, Truck2503707450NA
3 Axle Bus, Truck40060011970NA
4,5,6 Axle Bus, Truck40060011970NA
7 Axle Bus, Truck40060011970NA
Heavy Vehicle40060011970NA
Local Monthly Pass LT1:150.00LCV Daily Pass:15.00
Local Monthly Pass LT2:300.00Truck Daily Pass25.00
School Monthly Pass:1000.00
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