Rajasthan Traffic Police Challan Rates List 2022

Rajasthan, being one of the most visited destinations in India, attracts a large number of tourists from all over the world. With the increase in population, the number of vehicles on the road has also seen significant growth in recent years, which has become quite a task for Rajasthan traffic police to manage. To maintain a safe and smooth running of traffic, the Rajasthan Traffic Department has imposed stringent road safety rules and regulations issued by the Vehicle Motor Act, 1988.

In an effort to execute the smooth flow of traffic, the Rajasthan Traffic Police has now digitized the traffic monitoring system. E-challans have become a new normal for penalizing traffic offenders. Diligent officers have also been employed throughout the city to keep an eye on the traffic. 

Here take a look at the Rajasthan traffic challan rates list 2022, inclusive of all possible violations and related penalties:

OffensePenalty (in Rs)
General traffic violationsTwo-wheeler: Rs. 100
Four-Wheelers:Rs. 200
Using a mobile phone while drivingRs. 1000
Driving without seat-beltRs. 1000
Driving without helmetRs. 1000
Triple -RidingRs. 1000
Drunken drivingRs. 10,000
Not giving way to emergency vehiclesRs. 10,000
Dangerous drivingTwo-three-wheelers: Rs. 1000
Four-wheelers: Rs. 10,000
Violating orders of traffic authoritiesRs. 500
Over-speedingFor Light Motor Vehicles: Rs. 1000
For Heavy Motor Vehicles: Rs. 2000
Driving without insuranceFor the first offense: Rs. 2,000
For subsequent offense: Rs. 4,000
Jumping traffic signalsRs. 1000
Rash drivingRs. 500
Unauthorized people driving the vehicleTwo-three-wheelers: Rs. 1000
Four-wheelers or LMV: Rs. 2000
Others: Rs. 5000
Driving with an expired/suspended licenseRs. 5,000
RacingFor first offense: Rs. 5,000
For subsequent offense: Rs. 10,000
Driving without registration and fitness certificateRs. 2,000
Driving without permitRs. 10,000
OverloadingRs. 20,000 and Rs. 2,000 per extra tonne
Carrying excess passengersRs. 100 per excess passenger
Driving in a restricted areaRs. 20,000
Offenses by JuvenilesRs. 25,000 and 3 years imprisonment

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