List of all the toll plazas in Uttarakhand Rates & Contact

Toll Plaza NameLocationRates (in INR)Contact Number
Bahadrabad Toll PlazaBahadrabad85
Banushi Toll PlazaBanushi40
Bhagwanpur Toll PlazaBhagwanpur50
Chhapar Toll PlazaChhapar55
Deoria Toll PlazaDeoria115
Jagatpur Patti Toll PlazaJagatpur115
Koyla Toll PlazaKoyla40
Lacchhiwala Toll Plaza Lacchhiwala95
Puraini Toll Plaza TollPuraini80
Rawason Bridge Toll Plaza Rawason5
Sarsawa Toll PlazaSarsawa125
Sayed mazera Toll Plaza Sayed mazera45

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