Toll Plaza NameNH No.Section of Highway
Banajodi (Padmapur)215Panikholi to Rimuli
Baragarh (Barhaguda)6Sambalpur-Baragarh-Orisha
Gudipada (Old Gangapada)16Sunakhala – Bhubaneshwar (Km 362.000 to Km 286.010)
Gurapalli16Sunakhala – Puintola (Km 362.000 to Km 419.600)
Hasanpur (Sainkul)215Panikholi to Rimuli
Khantaghar (Dhenkikote)215Panikholi to Rimuli
Manguli16Bhubaneshwar – Chetia
Paat Sahanipur (Pipli)316Bhubaneswar – Puri
Panikholi16Chandikhole – Bhadrak [Km 62.000 to Km 136.500 (New Chainage Km 218.000 to Km 143.500)]
Sergrarh16Bhadrak – Balasore (Km 136.500 to Km199.141 (New Chainage Km 143.635 to Km 80.994))
Srirampur5AChandikhol – Paradip (Km 0.000 to Km 76.588)
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