List of all the toll plazas in Haryana Rates & Contact

Sr No.StateNH-No.Toll Plaza NameToll Plaza LocationSection / Stretch
1Haryana52 (Old 65)Badopatti87.000Kaithal to Haryana Rajasthan Border
2HaryanaNH 9Bhavdeen241.920 KmHisar Dabwali Pkg II
3Haryana52 (Old 65)Chaudhriwas135.900Kaithal to Haryana Rajasthan Border
4Haryana71ADaharKm 73.450Rohtak – Panipat
5Haryana71DighalKm 370.420Rohtak – Bawal
6Haryana71[Gangaycha Jatt](Gangaycha Jatt)Km 430.000Rohtak – Bawal
7HaryanaNH44(Old NH 01)Gharaunda (Karnal)Km 111.483Panipat Ambala
8HaryanaNH10[Khuian Malkan](Khuian Malkan)Km. 302.25043.925 km
9HaryanaNH44(Old NH 01)LadowalKm 328.050Panipat – Jalandhar
10Haryana9 (Old 10)Landhari184.035Hisar to Dabwali
11Haryana10[Madina Korsan](Madina Korsan)Km 99.835Rohtak – Hisar (Km 87.00 to Km 170.00)
12Haryana71A[Makrauli Kalan](Makrauli Kalan)Km 14.600Rohtak – Panipat
13Haryana52 (Old 65)Narwana36.776Kaithal to Haryana Rajasthan Border
14HaryanaNH44(Old NH 01)[Panipat Elevated](Panipat Elevated)Km 94.800Panipat Elevated Highway (Km 86.000 to Km 96.000)
15Haryana10RamayanaKm 161.500Rohtak – Hisar (Km 87.00 to Km 170.00)
16Haryana10RohadKm 52.460Delhi-Haryana -Rohtak- Hisar
17HaryanaNH44(Old NH 01)Sambhu(Ghaggar)Km

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