Jaipur to Alwar Total Toll Charges

Planning a road trip from the royal city of Jaipur to the historic town of Alwar is a perfect
way to explore what the two cities have to offer. With a distance of 171 km, one can easily
cover the distance in 3 hours in a private vehicle. However, while taking a road trip, it is
important to consider the toll charges. Toll charges serve as the key source of revenue for
the development of road infrastructure, ensuring well-maintained highways. Being aware
of the toll charges from Jaipur to Alwar not only aids in planning a seamless drive but also
helps in maintaining the road network connectivity between the two cities. 
Let’s delve into the details of total toll charges from Jaipur to Alwar.

Tolls Plaza List and Toll Cost

Toll Name/LocationToll Charges

Total Toll Charges = Rs. 65

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