How to Pay Red Light Jump Challan in Delhi Virtual Court

Virtual Court is an online platform for adjudicating cases remotely. It is a revolutionary initiative of the Indian Judiciary that aims to provide access to justice to all citizens, irrespective of their geographical location or physical presence. Virtual Court uses video conferencing technology to enable parties to participate in court proceedings from anywhere, making it a convenient and efficient way to resolve disputes. In Delhi, certain types of traffic challans, such as those related to red light jumping, can be paid through the Virtual Court. Here are the steps to pay a red light jump challan in Delhi Virtual Court:

  1. Visit the Delhi Traffic Police website and select the option for payment of challan through Virtual Court.
  2. Enter your challan number and vehicle registration number.
  3. Verify the details of the challan and the vehicle.
  4. Choose the option to pay the fine through an online payment gateway.
  5. Make the payment using a credit or debit card, or net banking.
  6. Once the payment is successful, a receipt will be generated.
  7. Keep the receipt for future reference.

In summary, Virtual Court is an online platform for adjudicating cases remotely, and in Delhi, red light jump challans can be paid through it. The process involves visiting the Delhi Traffic Police website, entering the challan and vehicle details, and making the payment through an online payment gateway.

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