How to Change Fastag Accounts

With the rapid advancement in every sector, it has made things available for people in a much convenient way. Not only things, but various other systems such as a collection of taxes, online transfers, and purposes are being accomplished in a less troublesome way. So, when we talk of these inventions, we must also include the “Fastag Transfer.” To know more, we should know what Fastag is in general terms and the factors associated with it.

Fastag is a Radio frequency identification technology, which was introduced by the Government of India, in October 2017, by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highway. So the main work or purpose of Fastag is making toll payments directly from pre-paid accounts linked to it. It has a validity of 5 years from its purchase, and then we need to recharge it. It provides a non-stop movement of vehicles from one highway to another, thus eliminating the troubles caused at the toll plazas, by providing the ease of cashless payment of toll fees with nation-wide interoperable electronic toll collection.

Now, with the devising of Fastag, there are some wonderful benefits, linked with it. Firstly, it saves fuel and time. So in Fastag, the tag reader is ready and automatically deducts the toll amount. Thus the vehicle doesn’t need to stop at the toll gate. Secondly, the SMS alert for transactions made. This states that the vehicle owner or the driver, whose account is linked with the Fastag will receive an SMS on deductions made at the toll plaza. Thirdly, digital or online recharge, ensuring the customer can top up or recharge his Fastag account with credit/debit/ NEFT/RTGS/ Net banking, though any means. Then, it avoids the use to carry cash and web portal specially for the customers, where the customers can get their statements by logging into the customer Fastag portal. Other than this, there are certain social and environmental benefits associated with it, like reduced paper use and reduced air pollution, etc.

Now, knowing about Fastag, we should know about how a Fastag can be transferred and some other questions related to this. It should be noted that one cannot transfer the Fastag account to the other party which is the ownership. If the customer is not going to use the vehicle anymore or thinking of it to see, then he/she has to close the Fastag account, if they wish to stop using Fastag o they can also call at the number 1800-120-4210. So making about the transfer system, there still lies some other queries like how to transfer the Fastag balance money to a bank account. The second maybe how to change a Fastag account from one bank to another and many more. As these are valid, they are discussed below.

How to transfer Fastag balance to their main bank account?

These are the following steps that need to be followed to solve your above query:-

  • The customer who needs to transfer his/her money from the Fastag to the bank account first needs to log in at the Fastag portal with the help of the user ID or Wallet ID along with the password.  
  • Now, the customer needs to select the option of payment and click on the top-up tab.
  • Then, by selecting the respective wallet Id and fill in the recharge amount. One has to select the payment mode and complete the payment process.

How to change a Fastag account from one bank to another?

It is an easy process to change a FASTag account from one bank to another, you just need to follow the below mentioned steps:

  • If the customer’s Fastag is linked with the Paytm wallet, which is in turn connected with another bank, then he/she can change the bank account and recharge the wallet from the new bank account. 
  • However, in case if the customer’s Fastag is linked with the Paytm bank account, then by changing the bank, he/she also needs to cancel the Paytm linked Fastag as well.

How to change a Fastag Paytm account to another account?

Transfer of Paytm Fastag to another account can now be done easily by following these simple steps

  • Customers can now transfer their tags by themselves to other users of the app instantaneously, by hugely improving customer satisfaction. 
  • First, they need to go on the Fastag section of the consumer app. 
  • Then, select the Fastag which needs to be transferred to another Paytm mobile number. 
  • The third step is to enter the recipient’s mobile number and tap on proceed. 
  • By following these instructions one can conveniently transfer their Fastag Paytm account to another account.

How to change Fastag’s mobile number?

No, we cannot change the Fastag mobile number. As the e-mail id and mobile number are registered at the time when the customer is making their Fastag for the first time. However, if the customer wants to change the vehicle registration number (VRN)then they can share their vehicle RC scans.

If our mobile number is linked with Paytm, then by following these simple steps one can change their registered number:

  • First, they need to download the Paytm app from the play store.
  • Then, they need to login into their accounts. 
  • The third step is to tap on the profile icon at the top left corner of the screen. 
  • And the last step is to edit the profile scroll down, and finally, click on the update phone number.


Apart from this, there are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) like how can I close my Fastag account?, then they also ask how I change my bank details of my Fastag which is linked with my Paytm? Documents required for opening a Fastag account. Then how to check my Fastag status online and several others. Now, many banks are coming up with their Fastags and links, such as ICICI, HDFC, SBI, Federal bank, etc. One needs to follow the required steps which are mentioned by the banks, under whom their Fastag is registered. As technology and digitalization have made work simple, but one needs to care as much as possible as with the origination of anything, there is a bane as well as a boon. So proper precautions must be taken, before doing anything.

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