How to Apply for International Driving Licence 2024

Planning to visit a foreign country, but do not want to use public transport to explore countryside roads and streets? Don’t worry, we have a solution for you. You can get International Driving Licence (IDL) which will allow you to drive internationally. An International Driving Licence is a recognized travel document that allows Indian citizens to drive vehicles in foreign countries.

To get an International Driving Permit, one must possess an Indian Driving Licence. Obtaining an International Driving Licence in India involves a simple process that offers numerous benefits for Indian citizens travelling abroad.

In this article, we will guide you through the benefits, eligibility criteria, and the process of applying for an International Driving Licence in India.

Benefits of Getting an International Driving Licence/Permit

With an international driving Licence, one can drive freely on foreign roads without getting into any trouble with the respective foreign authorities. In addition to that, there are several other benefits of getting an international driving Licence. They are listed below.

  • An International Driving Licence acts as an individual’s identity proof and driving capability.
  • A person with International Driving Permit does not have to give further driving tests abroad.
  • An individual with IDL can easily claim insurance in case of an accident in a foreign country.
  • Experience the countryside roads and popular spots at your pace and convenience.
  • An International Driving Licence is recognized in over 150 countries, thus making it easier to drive and rent a car abroad.
  • The IDL contains translations of the driver’s details in multiple languages, ensuring smooth communication with foreign authorities and showcasing your driving credentials.

Who is eligible for an International Driving Permit/Licence?

To be eligible for an International Driving Licence (IDL) in India, an applicant must meet the following requirements:

  • An individual must be an Indian citizen with an age above 18 years to apply for a two-wheeler IDL and 20 years old for a four-wheeler IDL.
  • The individual must possess a valid Indian driving Licence issued by the competent Regional Transport Office (RTO) of their state.
  • An individual should possess a valid passport and a visa for the country they intend to visit.

How to Apply for an International Driving Licence in India- Process

Applying for an International Driving Licence in India is a relatively simple process, whether you want to take the online or the offline route. Individuals applying for IDL can obtain Form 4A from their nearest RTO office or simply download it from the official website of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH). Follow the below- mentioned steps to apply for an International Driving Licence.

  • Fill out Form 4A – A certificate that proves that an individual is a competent driver/rider and Form 1A – A form that shows the medical fitness of the driver/rider.
  • Furnish all mandatory details such as name, address, the country you are travelling to, etc.
  • Enter your Indian driving Licence number, and provide ID and residential proof.
  • Make a fee payment of ₹ 1,000 and submit all the required documents, along with Form 4A and Form 1A.
  • Take the driving test.

After completing all the steps, the application will be sent for processing. After successful verification, an individual will receive their international driving Licence, which usually takes 4 to 5 business days.

Note: The validity of an International Driving Licence is only for one year from the date of issue or until the expiry of the individual’s Indian Driving Licence, whichever is earlier.

Documents required to apply for an International Driving Licence

Documents required while applying for International Driving Licence in India are listed below:

  • The copies of the applicant’s valid driving Licence.
  • Copies of the applicant’s Passport, Visa (for the country they are planning to go to), and Air ticket for verification.
  • Certified proof of Indian citizenship
  • Copy of address proof (such as an Aadhaar card, utility bills, etc.)
  • Copy of age proof
  • Form 4A and Form 1A
  • 3-4 Passport-size Photographs
  • Medical certificate

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