How Does GPS-based Toll Collection Work?

Fastag has reduced the time spent at the toll plazas, but still, there were some issues which were in the view of the government. Thus Govt of India has come up with a new toll collection system that will be GPS-based. This project will help in reducing traffic at toll plazas. The system will be implemented within 2-3 years and the toll tax will be deducted using a GPS-based system. The common people are still unaware of what is GPS Toll Collection and its working which we are going to explain below.

How does GPS Based Toll Systems work?

The GPS-based toll collection will work based on GPS-based imaging and by the use of GPRS. All the vehicles released after 2019 have an inbuilt Vehicle Tracking System. The GPS coordinates of the vehicle will be tracked by the technology based on which the charges would be deducted. The toll fees will be automatically deducted when the traveling vehicle will reach near a collection point.

What are the benefits of using GPS Based toll Collection System?

The GPS-based toll collection system will come with its benefits. It will prove beneficial to travelers as the vehicles don’t have to stop at toll plazas as all the toll plazas will be removed. Thus it will help in less congestion at roads and will help in avoiding jams at highways. This system will be also helpful in the security of the vehicle as your vehicle can be regularly tracked based on the GPS and you will be aware of your vehicle location in case of thefts. 

What challenges will the Govt Face implementing GPS Toll Collection System?

Whenever a new technology is implemented there are certain challenges and GPS based system will have its own set of problems that will be needed to address which are given below:

  • As of now, FASTag is free for vehicle owners within a radius of 5 km of toll plazas. It will be great to see how the government plans to implement this rule in GPS based system.
  • In the case of FASTag, there is a separate wallet for the FASTag account provided by the bank. In the case of the GPS, will the money will be deducted from the existing saving accounts of the owners. If this happens it can lead to serious cyber issues.

The NHAI and government have to consider these points before completely implementing the system in the country.

Is the GPS-enabled Toll system the future of FASTag?

Yes, we can say that GPS based system is the future of FASTag as in the case of FASTag the toll booth is necessary to deduct the tolls where the RFID readers read your tag to deduct the balance from your FASTag wallet. With the introduction of GPS based system, there will be no need for toll plazas and there will be no waiting queues which will be helpful in the superfast movement of the transport with no need of stopping anywhere.


Still, there is a lot of time to implement this GPS-based toll system and it will easily take over 2-3 years to be rolled over to the common public. This will be one more step in making digital India.

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