FASTag Wrong Deductions- Complaint & Get Refund

FASTag Wrong Deductions- Complaint & Get Refund Online

  • What is FASTag
  • What is the wrong deduction of money from FASTag account?
  • Types of problems related to FASTag transactions
  • How to Report a Wrong FASTag Deduction?
  • What are the things required to make a complaint related to FASTag?
  • What to do if a double charge is deducted from FASTag?
  • How to get my refund for the wrong FASTag deduction?
  • Email id for making Complaints related to Incorrect FASTag deduction
  • Customer Care Number for FASTag Complaints
  • What is FASTag?

    Authorized and operated by the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI), FASTag is an electronic system for paying highway tolls. It is a rechargeable card, which can be glued as a sticker on a vehicle’s windscreen. It employs RFID technology for making payments directly from the customer’s linked bank account without having to stop at the toll plaza.

    What is the wrong deduction of money from the FASTag account?

    Generally for all the toll transactions, the toll plaza authority/system sends a request to the bank for debiting of the amount due for the tag. While FASTag ensures automatic deduction of all toll charges. However, in some rare cases, the toll plaza results in the deduction of more than the applicable amount. In such cases, the bank would raise a chargeback on your behalf of you to recover the money.

    According to a Mumbai-based activist, in several cases, the dispute of wrong FASTag deductions at toll plazas arises because of the delay in receiving transaction SMS.

    There can be many types of issues that can arise because of FASTag deductions. Let’s have a look at some of the major types of incorrect FASTag deductions-

    • A double charge is deducted, even after passing a FASTag lane only once.
    • More money is deducted than the applicable charges.
    • Even after taking a pass, money is deducted from FASTag.

    How to Report a Wrong FASTag Deduction?

    Many times people are facing transaction-related problems through FASTag. In such situations, it is important to know who to contact for the fast redressal of your grievance. Therefore, we are here to tell you that you have two ways to make a complaint regarding the wrong FASTag deduction.

    The first way to complaint the FASTag wrong Deduction

    – In case of a wrong FASTag deduction, one can report by directly calling the toll-free helpline of the bank from which you have purchased FASTag. The customer care number is mentioned on the FASTag sticker and should be called from a registered mobile number.

    BankCustomer Care Helpline
    Airtel Payments Bank Fastag400
    EQUITAS SMALL FINANCE BANK Fastag1800 103 1222
    IDFC FIRST Bank Fastag1800-266-9970
    PAYTM Payments Bank Fastag1800-102-6480
    State Bank of India Fastag1800-11-0018
    Axis Bank Fastag1800-419-8585
    Federal Bank Fastag1800-266-9520
    Indusind Bank Fastag1860 -500- 5004
    Punjab and Maharashtra Co-op Bank1800-223-993
    Syndicate Bank Fastag1800-425-0585
    Bank of Baroda Fastag1800-103-4568
    FINO Payments Bank1860-266-3466
    Karur Vysya (KVB)Bank Fastag1800-102-1916
    Punjab National Bank (PNB) Fastag080-67295310
    Union Bank of India Fastag1800- 22- 22 44
    Canara Bank Fastag1800-103-3568
    HDFC Bank Fastag1800-120-1243
    Kotak Mahindra Bank Fastag1800-300-69090
    Saraswat Co-operative Bank1800-266-9545
    Yes Bank Ltd1800 -1200
    City Union Bank Fastag1800-258-7200
    ICICI Bank Fastag1800-2100-104
    Nagapur Nagarik Sahakari Bank1800 -266- 7183
    South Indian Bank Fastag1800-425-1809
    Bank of India (BOI) Fastag1800-425-1809
    Bank of Maharashtra Fastag18002334526
    Allahabad Bank Fastag
    AU Small Finance Bank Fastag1800 258 7300
    Central Bank of India Fastag1800 22 1911
    IDBI Bank Fastag1800-266-1962
    Karnataka Bank Fastag1800 425 1444
    Indian Overseas Bank Fastag18008904445 / 18004254445
    J&K Bank Fastag1800 572 1370
    Cosmos Bank Fastag90290 13793

    The second way to complaint the FASTag wrong Deduction

    One can also complain about incorrect toll deductions through the FASTag portal of the concerned bank. Each bank has created a separate FASTag portal where one can get all the information related to FASTag.

    To report a wrong deduction of toll charges, you have to first register on the FASTag portal and create a user ID and password. Then raise the dispute by clicking on the correct reason. After the successful registration of the complaint, a message will be sent to you confirming the same. Every bank/portal has a specific time frame to address the concern.

    In case of incorrect FASTag deducted, please reach out to FASTag customer cares along with the following details:

    1. Transaction ID/ Payment screenshot (from where the payment is debited)
    2. Registered vehicle number
    3. Registered mobile number    

    What to do if a double charge is deducted from FASTag?

    According to the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), if the double amount is deducted from FASTag at a toll plaza, one should contact the customer care of the bank from which the FASTag has been purchased. The bank will then register your complaint and the duplicate transaction will be reversed back to the customer’s FASTag account.

    If you do not get the refund within the given period, you should immediately get in touch with the customer care of the bank.

    How to get my refund for the wrong FASTag deduction?

    Upon raising a dispute related to an incorrect FASTag deduction, the concerned bank will review the claims, and based on merit it will raise a chargeback to recover the money. The whole process of chargeback normally takes a few weeks (up to 20-30 working days). All wrong deductions, if proven so, are reverted to the customer’s FASTag account after presenting the case to the toll plaza authority. 

    In case of a wrong FASTag deduction at the toll plaza, register your formal complaint at

    FASTag Complaint Number

    Customers can dial the 1033 helpline number from a registered mobile/landline for addressing FASTag complaints at the toll plaza level. 

    Not visited the toll plaza but the amount deducted (solution)

    If you have not visited or passed through a toll plaza, but the amount has been deducted from your FASTag account, then you can file a complaint against the wrongful deduction and receive a claim against it. You can raise a query or file a complaint in regards to the wrong toll deduction, either through your FASTag issuing bank portal or by dialing the NHAI toll-free number i.e. 1033. The complaint will be verified by the concerned team and if found valid, the refund process will be initiated. You will receive the refund in your FASTag account.

    To register a complaint through the FASTag issuing bank portal, follow the following steps:

    • Visit the official website of your FASTag issuing bank
    • Click on the Help Desk section.
    • Select Raise Request / Complaint.
    • Next, click on Dispute Transaction/Charge Back.
    • From the available options, select Wrong Deduction.

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