Bike Insurance Berlin- Benefits, Rules, and Costs

Known as a cycling paradise, Germany has designated world-class bike networks crisscrossing lanes throughout its town, cities, and countryside. Both young and adults in Berlin love riding bikes. Also, the topic of increasing and improving the cycling infrastructure is a hot political topic in the country

Cycling in Berlin is a thing, but unfortunately, so is bike theft. If you own a bike in Berlin, getting bike insurance is a no-brainer. With the increasing number of theft, Bike insurance in Berlin is increasing in popularity year by year. Germany is also known as the land of insurance.

Bike insurance is essential for anyone riding a bicycle. With bike insurance, you can protect your bike from theft, accident, vandalism, and wear & tear. Bike insurance in Berlin is affordable, starting at €2- €5 per month. So, if you are looking to insure your bike, through this post, we will help you decide to find the best insurance in Berlin, Germany.

Bike Insurance Benefits in Berlin

Opting for bike insurance in Berlin, Germany comes with many benefits. Some of them are as follows:

  • Provides coverage for both new and used bikes
  • A budget-friendly option for commuting or getting around town
  • Offers protection against loss and damage dues to theft, vandalism, and wear & tear.
  • The fast and easy cashless claim process
  • Bike insurance in Berlin also provides battery protection
  • It will encourage more and more individuals to purchase eco-friendly bikes

Note: If you have household insurance, obtaining bike insurance becomes optional, which means that you don’t have to take a separate insurance policy for your bike.

What is covered under Bike Insurance?

Theft- The bike insurance provides coverage for the loss of your bike/e-bike through theft, robbery, and burglary.

Parts theft- The bike insurance in Berlin covers the theft of bicycle parts permanently attached to the bike/ e-bike.

Vandalism- Provide coverage against damage and destruction of your bike by unknown third parties.

Battery protection- With bike insurance plans in Berlin, you can also insure your bike’s battery against theft, electronic damage, and wear & tear.

Damage- Costs of repairs due to falls, accidents, manufacturing defects, and electronic damage among others will be reimbursed under the bike insurance policy.

Wear and tear- Damage due to wear and tear, along with brakes and tires are also insured.

What is not covered under Bike Insurance?

  • If you don’t use a high-quality lock or attach your bike to a fixed object, your theft coverage will not be valid.
  • The wheels and tires of the bike are not covered under insurance if they are stolen separately from the bike.
  • Any scratches or bumps will not be covered under bike insurance.
  • Any damage due to participation in a cycle race competition is not covered.
  • The depreciation that occurred to the bike for the 4th and 5th years is not covered.

Bike Insurance Rules

The basic conditions that are required to make sure that your bike insurance coverage is guaranteed and that you can make a claim are as follows.

  • Buy a new bike from an authorized retailer and not from any local private seller
  • Your bike or e-bike must be only used in a private capacity (i.e. not for work).
  • Most of the bike insurance providers in Berlin provide coverage for new bikes or bikes purchased in the last 6 months.
  • The total cost of your bike/e-bike (including accessories) must be less than €10,000.
  • Both regular bikes and e-bikes can opt for bike insurance plans.
  • The bike must have a high-quality lock (of at least €29) and should be locked to an immovable object.
  • Ensure bike parts are securely attached.
  • Keep your bike or e-bike purchase receipt.

Bike Insurance in Berlin Cost

Insurance CompanyBasic Plan (per month)
Feather€2.90 (approx.)
Hepster€4.80 (approx.)
Qoverme€5.98 (approx.)
Luko€5.98 (approx.)
Helden€5.83 (approx.)
MVK€5.36 (approx.)

Note: The basic plan for your bike insurance depends on the market value (cost) of your bike/e-bike.

Top Bike Insurance Providers in Berlin, Germany

There are many bike/e-bike insurance providers in Berlin. However, the best bike insurance companies are:

  • Feather
  • Hepster
  • Luko
  • Qoverme

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