Andhra Pradesh Traffic Challan Fine List

Traffic RulesFines
Talking on a mobile phone while drivingRs. 1,500
Driving a vehicle without a license plateRs. 1,000
Driving a vehicle that is found carrying excess loadRs. 500
Driving a vehicle before being 18 years oldRs. 500
Vehicle owners permitting an unlicensed person to driveRs 1,000
A disabled person driving a vehicle on public roadsRs. 500
Overspeeding a vehicleRs. 1,000
Driving a vehicle that is found carrying an excess loadRs 2,000
Rash drivingRs 1,000
Drunk drivingRs. 2,000
Driving without wearing a helmet/seatbeltRs. 1,000
Driving without obeying traffic signsRs. 300
Driving a two-wheeler and carrying more than 1 personRs. 300
Driving an unfit vehicleRs 50 per hour
Driving on an unauthorized route/prohibited areasRs.1,000
Driving without a vehicle fitness certificateRs 5000
Driving an uninsured vehicleRs. 2,000
Causing an accidentRs. 1,000
Car/bike racingRs. 500
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