All Mizoram Vehicle RTO Code List

Not only with various Indian states, but the picturesque state of Mizoram shares its borders with neighboring countries such as Myanmar and Bangladesh. Mizoram operates under a well-structured Regional Transport Office (RTO) system. The Mizoram RTO holds the responsibility of regulating vehicle registration, issuing driver licenses, and ensuring road safety within the state. Like other Indian states, Mizoram also has its unique RTO code, a system that aids in the identification and registration of vehicles across the nation.

Compliance with road tax is extremely important to own a vehicle in Mizoram. It serves as a source of revenue for the state government and is used for the maintenance and development of transportation infrastructure. Road tax rates in Mizoram depend on various factors such as the type of vehicle, its age, make & model, engine and seating capacity, and the purpose of its use.

Keep on reading to have a deeper understanding of the operations of the Mizoram RTO, the role of its specific RTO code, and the road tax structure.

RTO CodeRTO NameLocationPin Code
MZ01Aizawl RTOAizawl796001
MZ02Lunglei RTOLunglei796201
MZ03Champhai RTOChamphai796501
MZ04Kolasib RTOKolasib796101

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