All Manipur Vehicle RTO Code List

Nestled in the northeastern part of India, Manipur is a beautiful place to live due to its scenic beauty. The state also has a well-structured Regional Transport Office (RTO) system that governs vehicle-related activities within its borders. The Manipur RTO is a government agency that plays a key role in managing vehicle registration, issuing and renewing driver licensing, road tax collection, and ensuring the smooth functioning of transportation in the state. Every car owner in Manipur must register their vehicle with the local transport office.

Every state in India, including Manipur, is assigned a unique RTO code, a system that streamlines the process of vehicle registration and identification across the country. In addition to that, RTO Manipur assists victims of traffic accidents and monitors and controls pollution in the state. Understanding the intricacies of the RTO Manipur, its corresponding codes, and the road tax framework is important to navigate the state’s roads responsibly and legally.

RTO CodeRTO NameLocationPin Code
MN01Imphal East RTONear STPI, P.O. Mantripukhri795001
MN02Imphal West RTONear Manipur University, Canchipur795001
MN03Thoubal RTOThoubal Bazar795102
MN04Bishnupur RTONear Registrar Office, Bishnupur795152
MN05Churachandpur RTOChurachandpur795139

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