All Goa Vehicle RTO Code List

Before you decide to purchase a vehicle in Goa, you must be aware of the road tax in Goa.
Being one of the most popular attractions in the country, Goa features excellent road
infrastructure. The state government of Goa collects road tax from all private and
commercial vehicles plying on its roads, which is then used to maintain its scenic routes
and road networks.

Road tax in Goa is a one-time payment, which is mandatory for all vehicles. The non-
payment of road tax can result in heavy penalties. In Goa, RTO is responsible for the
collection of road tax. In addition to that, Goa RTO takes care of vehicle registration (RC),
issuance and renewal of driver’s licenses, controlling pollution, granting permits and
vehicle fitness certificates, along with the implementation of road safety rules and

There are 12 Regional Transport Offices (RTOs) in Goa with their unique codes responsible
for carrying out all duties related to vehicles.

Keep reading to know more about Goa RTO, Road Tax, and more.

RTO CodeRTO NameLocationPin Code
GA01Mapusa RTOMapusa403513
GA02Panaji RTOPanaji403001
GA03Margao RTOMargao403601

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