In Haryana, the Regional Transport Office (RTO) is responsible for regulating and enforcing traffic rules and regulations. The RTO issues driving licenses registers vehicles, and conducts inspections to ensure compliance with safety and environmental standards. The RTO also maintains a database of registered vehicles in the state and is responsible for collecting road taxes and other fees. The RTO works closely with the traffic police to enforce traffic rules and regulations and issue challans to violators. It is important to abide by traffic rules and regulations to ensure your safety and avoid getting fined by the RTO or traffic police.

S.No.Two-wheeler ChallanFine in Haryana
1.Riding without a helmetUp to Rs. 1,000
2.Driving without a licenseUp to Rs. 5,000
3.Breaking traffic rulesUp to Rs. 1,000
4.Riding without insuranceUp to Rs. 2,000
5.OverloadingUp to Rs. 2,000
6.Using a mobile phone while ridingUp to Rs. 1,000
7.Riding a bike without a number plateUp to Rs. 2,000
8.Violating pollution normsUp to Rs. 10,000
9.Not carrying required documentsUp to Rs. 1,000
10.Violating one-way ruleUp to Rs. 1,000
11.Riding on footpathsUp to Rs. 2,000
12.Riding triple seatUp to Rs. 1,000
13.Jumping traffic signalUp to Rs. 1,000
14.Riding with a fancy number plateUp to Rs. 5,000

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