FASTag – Frequently Asked Question

1. Is FASTag mandatory for bikes?

No, Fastag is not mandatory as well as issued for any two-wheelers, including bikes till now.

2. Why is FASTag Important?

Fastag is important as it is mandatory for vehicles passing through any toll plaza.

3. Why is FASTag best?

Fastag is best as it provides the convenience of cashless payments. Along with it, other benefits include:

• Saves time as customers don’t have to stop at the toll plaza.

• The decrease in fuel consumption.

• Reduce the congestion on toll plaza and reduce air pollution.

• Increase transparency and efficiency in transactional processing.

• Enhance audit control for government bodies.

4. Which Fastag is the cheapest?

For buying a fastag cost break-up will be:

Tag Price Rs. 100 Refundable Security Deposit Rs. 250 Minimum Balance to maintain Rs. 150 TOTAL PAYABLE Rs. 500 PayTm, Amazon Pay and few banks give you a discount by Zero cost Tag price. The final price will be equal to Rs. 400. Check the latest discounts when buying Fastag.

5. How to check if Fastag is active?

To check whether your fastag is active, follow these steps:

• Please visit the “Manage Tags” section in your Fastag sub-wallet

• Find the option of the activation status of each Fastag that is linked to your wallet.

• It will show, whether your Fastag is active or not.

6. How to cancel Fastag Application?

To cancel your Fastag Application, contact your issuing bank customer care or source of issues.

7. What to do with Fastag when selling a car?

If you have sold/transfer your car, you are requested to inform your issuing source or bank and close the account as soon as possible.

8. How to remove the fastag sticker from the car?

To remove fastag sticker from the car you can:

• Try spraying a window cleaner and then using a razor blade to chip it. • Rub alcohol to the sticker and after few minutes peel it off. We recommend you to first block the fastag before removing it.

9. How to become a fastag agent?

Steps to become a fastag agent:

• Fill the form:

• Pay the requisite fees

• You will be provided with the customer’s vehicle class and category as provided by NICT.

10. What is the commission rate of the fastag agent?

The commission rate depends upon:

• Sale of Tag: You can earn 100Rs/tag.

• Count of Topup: You can earn 10Rs/tag.

Please check the latest rates before applying.

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