Driving Licence Not Showing in Mparivahan

What to do if my Driving Licence Details are not showing on Sarathi Parivahan Portal?

The Indian government is trying to offer all its services online. It is amazing how fast the country is going digital. One can avail of almost all facilities from the comfort of their home. Now, new services offered by the Sarathi Parivahan portal (including renewing/replacing dl, updating mobile number, address change, and requesting for a duplicate dl) add another feather to their cap.

Continue reading to know how to find your DL number in Parivahan Portal/Digilocker, check your DL status and more.

What is Sarathi Parivahan?

Sarathi Parivahan is an online platform launched by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) that offers digital services related to licence and registration. Only Indian citizens can benefit from this initiative. The Sarathi Parivahan sewa portal provides licence-related services such as applying for Learner’s Licence/Driving Licence, DL renewal, mobile number update, applying for an international driving permit, and more.

Why my driving licence is not showing in Digilocker?

There could be various reasons why your DL is not showing in Digilocker. Some of them include:

  • Vehicle class not synced online
  • Details not updated on the Digilocker app by the concerned authority
  • The incorrect format of the dl number
  • Not using RTO Code

However, the main reason is entering the dl number in the wrong format. To get the details your dl number must be entered in ‘SSRR YYYYNNNNNNN’ format, where SS is State Code, RR is RTO Code, YYYY is the year of the DL issue, and NNNNNNN is the licence number. So, as per the format specified, one must know from which RTO office their DL has been made, and the year it was issued.

To find your DL number in Digilocker, follow the step mentioned below.

Let’s assume your DL number is C-20 1313254-N-DD/MM/YY.

  • The first two alphabets will be your State code. For example, HP is for Himachal Pradesh. You can enter your State Code, like DL for Delhi and MP for Madhya Pradesh
  • As per the format, the next two digits will be your RTO code. For example; let’s take a random number “11” as your RTO Code. 
  • Do not forget to add space after the state and RTO code “HP11”.
  • Then add another four letters, which will be the year of the driving license issue.
  • The first two letters in your DL number will be the year of DL creation. Remember to add the year in 4 digits. For example; 2020. So, in this case, you should enter the year of DL issue 2020.
  • Then, the remaining seven letters on the format will be your actual Driving Licence number. If only 4 digits are remaining on your DL, then you add three zeros as a prefix to make it a seven-digit number.
  • So, as per the format, the correct DL number will be HP11 20201313254. Now you can use the number in the specified format to find DL in DigiLocker.

How to Find DL Number in Sarathi Parivahan Portal?

Wondering what to do in situations where you forget your driving licence number or your DL gets stolen, and you can’t seem to find your dl number. Don’t worry, as you can find your driving licence number online using the Parivahan website. There are several ways one can find their DL number in the Parivahan Sewa Portal by name, address, and mobile number.

Follow the steps mentioned below to find your DL number in Sarathi Parivahan Sewa Kendra.

  • Visit https://sarathi.parivahan.gov.in/sarathiservice/stateSelection.do.
  • Then select your state name from the drop-down menu.
  • After that, a new window will open.
  • Now, from the top menu, click on the ‘Other’ and then press the ‘DL Search’ option from the menu. 
  • Following this, a new window will open.
  • Now, you can enter your Name, Date of Birth, Address, or Register Mobile Number to find your driving license number.

How to Check Parivahan DL Status?

To know your Driving Licence status, follow the steps given below:

  • Visit Parivahan Sewa portal at https://parivahan.gov.in/rcdlstatus/?pur_cd=101  
  • To fetch the information, enter your Driving Licence number and Date of Birth.
  • Next, enter the verification/captcha code
  • Now, click on the Check Status button to get your DL status.

What to do if my Sarathi Parivahan DL number not showing?

If your DL number is not found or recognized on Sarathi Parivahan Portal, you can contact your Regional Transport Office while carrying the necessary documents.

No DL Details were found against the searched DL Number

There have been many incidents of complaint where people have reported that their driving licence number is not recognized. If you enter your driving licence number at the Parivahan sewa portal and it gives a pop message saying “No DL details found”, then the issue must be related to your driving licence number format.

Parivahan DL Number Error

The reasons you are getting DL number errors on the Parivahan portal could be because of the-

  • Sarathi portal service network issue
  • 404 error or page not found

If your Sarathi Parivahan portal is unable to show details regarding your DL number, you can contact your concerned RTO for the same.

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